Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's only 3 blocks

"Hey. Ron.  Ehrrr I mean Rhonda. I seem to always forget to call you that when you are dressed. Sweety, why don't you go get us some wine?"
"Uhmm , really ? when I'm dressed like this ?"
"Yes. I think it would be a good experience. You said you wanted to start stretching your experiences."
"Well, okay.  Where are the car keys ?"
"Car keys ? Why can't you walk? it's only 3 blocks."
"Jenn, we don't live in a great part of town. That liquor store is not a safe place to go. There are pimps and prostitutes there. I've even hear that 3 woman have been abducted there. Turned into meth addicts and became prostitutes."
"Yeah I heard that too. But one of the women was able to break her habit and go back to her regular life."
"Just one?"
"Well, she had a lot of support."
"You still want me to go to that one."
"Yeah, I think it would be a good experience for you. Besides, you look like you're getting excited just thinking about it."

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