Monday, December 26, 2022


I woke up the other night from a dream that I felt was way too short and seemed to be just a little too real.

Let's start with a basic thing.  I'm from a small town. I have been to a number of big towns ( New York, Chicago, St Louis, Los Angeles) I had worked in an ER in new Jersey for 6 weeks.  I rarely get a chance to get out of the house en femme. I have done it where I have gone out in the country at night in my mini skirt and heels and watch the stars, but is has been a while. 

Going on.  I was walking down this city street. It seemed like New York, but is was so odd. It was mid afternoon.  It seemed like it was early fall, and starting to get a little chill to the air.  I was walking down a street and there were tall buildings all around.  I thought I just love the big city. You can get lost in the people here and no one to pay you any mind. the I notice that there were no people. I was walking down the street and I didn't see anyone.  I got to the end of the side walk and was walking across the street. I got to the curb and looked town to step up on the curb. As I looked down I noticed that I was wearing a very dark red sequined dress that was about 8 inches above my knee. I had on black hose that was patterned and I had black heels on. I had a black leather coat on that was open.  as i bent my head down to step up in the curb, my long dark brown hair fell onto my face. I used my right hand to brush my hair out of my face and hook it behind my right ear. when I touched my face and ear I woke up.

I was so pissed. I didn't want to wake up then. I wanted to keep walking.

Here are what some of the things in my dream looked like.

My Dress:, Except it was a darker red. More like a venous blood red.

My Stockings

My Heels were similar but black,

My Coat:

and my hair.  I really like this style.  Would love to grow it out like this. 

Funny ;; I read a book this past fall.  Altered states of consciousness. Was hoping there would be something in there on dream interpretation, but no luck.  

I have been watching  a lot of sissy hypno videos and have done  couple of audio only sessions.   It's probably related to that. 

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