Saturday, March 28, 2015

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Do you desire to fill out your bra this thoroughly ?

Yes please!

I used to think like this..

Oh but if they did..

Really !!!
Do you still think you’re straight? Or do you want to eat cum again just to be sure?

I love Jasmine's tumbler

You know what to do.

We all should be at this bridge now.
The point of no return. Eat your cum. Cross that sissy bridge & burn it to the ground.
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Every gurl needs one

becomingsissy:What color dress do you want to wear ?

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker
Who doesn't ?


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becomingsissy:Or do you like it when ANYBODY calls you a cock sucker ?

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

Breast forms do so much for a sissy.

becomingsissy:Have you invested in breast forms yet ? If not, when ?

Boy to Girl change with the Sissy-Maker

from sissymaker.tumbler

becomingsissy:Would you mind if your girlfriends cock was bigger than your clitty ?

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

When you know you've gone down the rabbit hole, but don't know if it is far enough.

Getting more confident.

Ron was now going to bikini beach with his second season pass. He decided that he could be a little more adventurous with his swim suit this year. Last year he got lucky with a number of guys, this year he hoped to do better.

I wish that I could unhook my bra this way.

But then I wish I looked like this too.

You Know why ..

Why would you go through all the trouble with make up and hair and to get dressed so you looked so passible and so very pretty and even sexy, if you didn't want to attract a man that would mess up your make up and hair and get you out of your dress. Of course you know why. Just admit it to  your self.
Love how this gurl looks.

Wouldn't You Like It ?

Admit it.  You'd love to look like me, with this body and be in bed watching your man get undressed before he joined you. You can see how excited he is to join you and feel how wet you are in anticipation.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Where am I ?

Ron had been wearing the headphones as he was instructed by his mistress. He had suspected that she was going to take him to a different level with his dressing. He was just following her directions when the recording told him to wake up and take off the head phones. He did and wondered where he was and how he got here.
Looks like a  fraternity party

The lotion is working.

Steve kept applying the lotion to his butt as instructed.
He thought it was making his skin so nice and soft.

Something borrowed

Ron was so glad he had borrowed this outfit from ***. He wanted to say thanks but he forgot her name and can't see her avatar anywhere.

He wanted to look nice for a friend that was coming over and he wanted to make sure he made a good impression. 
The next day he sure wish he could remember her name, as his friend really liked the outfit too.