Monday, June 22, 2020


Hi. I had this dream the other night. It was really odd and I at one point thought that I really didn't want this to end. I wished that was how my life was.
     I had fallen asleep on the couch. In this time of self isolation I was just in my underwear and a T shirt.  I was sleeping and then I had this sensation of someone kissing my neck. They moved my hair out of the way and started kissing my ear and saying how sexy I looked. I was really getting turned on. He then moved his hand to my stomach and then slowly moved it upward, I could feel him unbuttoning my blouse. Then it was like. I'm not wearing  a button up blouse. Soon he had his hand on my breast and was caressing it and rubbing my nipples. I felt like I was being set on fire. But wait.  I'm a guy.  Why are you caressing my breasts. I  don't have breasts.  Do I ? I opened my eyes and looked down. Sure enough. I almost started crying.  Oh I have wished I had breasts for so long. They were as beautiful as I had always hoped. I was so aroused. . Then he stopped. I could feel him moving away.  I heard him sit on the chair that was next to the couch, I rolled over and sat up. I looked at what I was wearing, an off-white collarless button up blouse and some pink love bikini panties.

 I didn't recall having these pieces before. I could feel that I was wet. He was sitting in the chair next to the couch. He still had his pajama bottoms on, but no shirt. You could tell that he worked out a lot.  Dark hair. getting a little too long from how he usually had it. Not yet shaved for the day.
He looked at me and asked, "Do you want me to make the coffee?" .
"No. Not yet."
I got up and walked over to his chair and sat on his lap, straddling him.. Gave him a long wet kiss and leaned into his ear and said. " Don't you usually finish what you start?"
He then turned his head and started kissing my neck again. He had his hands on my waist and  moved them up and grabbed each of my breasts and gave each one an appreciative squeeze.  Then he started that thing with my nips again.

 I don't know how it happened but I suddenly realized I was gyrating pelvis on his. I could feel him getting hard underneath me. That seemed to arouse me even more. I sat up and shrugged off my blouse. He leaned forward and kissed each of my breasts, then went on to lick my nips. I don't know how to tell you how much that turns me on. I was arching my back trying to make my breasts more accessible to him. grinding my pelvis into him. Oh my God.. then I felt his hand slip into my panties. That moment of dread. He's going to find my little clitty(dick) and this will be over.  But soon he was rubbing something that was so pleasurable.  Ohhh. I let out a gasp.. I leaned forward, and tried to spread my legs some. Then he put a finger inside me. Ohhh. I gasped again. Oh my god.  My pelvis started moving and I had no control of it. I wanted to return the favor and give him pleasure too. I climbed off him and stood before  him,
 I peeld off my panties and kneeled before him. I reached up and untied the knot holding his PJ's on.  I started pulling them down, he lifted his butt up and up popped a beautiful cock. I pulled his pajama off and the moved between his knees. I took his cock in my hand then leaned up and gave it a little kiss. I took it in my mouth.

 I've had a cock in my mouth before but none that tasted this good.  I started to suck him and it felt like my life depended on it. I felt like I had a spot in my mouth that if I kept doing this I was going to cum.  I felt that I was on fire.

 He stopped me. lifted me up and had me straddle him again.  I stuck his finger in me again.  Oh... I moaned, I said I wanted him in me. I lifted myself up and he rubbed his cock against my opening.  It felt like he was holding a red hot rod against my skin. He slowly slid it in me.  I let out a loud moan.  I slowly slid down on him, feeling him fill me up.  I started moving up and down on his lap, feeling him going in and out of me. I could feel a sensation building up in me.  I started to move faster and he started to go faster as well.  Soon I felt something like an explosion inside of me,  I felt like I was going to have a convulsion. I started to have muscle contractions every where. I was quivering, shaking uncontrollably.  I collapse forward on him and just laid against his body. I could still feel him in me. He was slowly moving himself in and out.  I kissed his neck and kissed his lips and smiled at him. He said, "I'll make the coffee."  I smiled at him and gave him a kiss again, and move over to the couch. curled up with a blanket and fell asleep.
I don't know how long I slept.
I woke up in my T shirt and underwear. Saw my breasts were gone my pussy was gone.  Shit!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Hi. I know why you're here. You're expecting some sort of gratification, acknowledgement, of who you are, what you are or who you want ot be.

I wish I had the power to help you in your journey. All I can do is encourage you. Take that step. it only takes a step at a time and then you are closer to your goal.  Most of the steps aren't non-reversible. You can  take a step and decide if you like it. You can stay at that point till you are ready to go to the next step.

Start wearing panties all the time.
There's nothing wrong with wearing panties. They are so comfy. they give you that support to keep you tucked away, and looking like a girl. That's what you want isn't it? 

Next you have to wear a bra. that is the one thing you have wear. Nothing else marks you as a gurl want-to-be as wearing a bra. And there are so many to chose from too. And you can get a panties, bra matching set..  How sexy is that ?

So a bra and panties? Nice small step. Don't you feel good in your progress. Now you need a dress. What's the sense of looking so good in your bra and panties. Sure you can run around the house in just those, but don't you want to look more femme. So a dress would be nice.. What kind? what kind of gurl are you wanting to be?

 Personally, I've had my eyes on this one, but just waiting for that special occasion.

Oh and don't forget your hair. You will need to grow it out or get a wig. which then give you the options of being a blond of brunette or a redhead.  

Now you look fabulous.  Now you are so sexy,  You can move the world. or make parts of it hard. You know what I mean. Why look so sexy if you can't take advantage of it. You know what I mean. Now you can do those things that girls get to do and it's acceptable.  Flirting, go out on dates. Showing your date that you had a good time by giving him a good time. That is why you started dressing? 
Isn't it?
You see you've made small steps. and each step is still reversible. You can go back.  
So what would be the next step.?
Yes you know.
Yes it is kissing the big stick.
Sure it's a big step. You have to go through a lot in your head. to do that. That question of "but I'm not gay, am I?"  No you're not. You are a gurl.  Girls do that. They do it all the time. Look at yourself in the mirror. Don't you see that person in a dress, You can see the out line of the bra underneath, the long hair, the lipstick, the gorgeous legs.
No you're not gay, you're a girl. go ahead. It's just a step that you can still reverse things. you can still go back to how you were. It may be harder for you, as you will start to see some of the power that you have.  How you have so much control of a guy when you are on your knees between his legs.

You can look up into his eyes and see the power you have over him. 

So you see, all the steps so far are reversible.  
You can still go back to being the guy that used to wear dresses. and gave great blow jobs
But then there is another step.

And you know that step too.
That's right. You want to make love with a man. All those worries and problems of premature ejaculation will disappear. You don't have to worry about pleasing the girl. You are the girl and what ever he does to you will please you. It will feel so good. To make love and not have to worry of cumming too early. Sure it may hurt a little when you first start, but you know that if you use plenty of lube, things go better. And you can always practice with toys before advancing to the real thing.

And you can get your manhood fucked out of you, and you could still walk away and go back to being the guy that used to wear dresses and liked to give blow jobs and take it in the ass.
All the steps so far have been reversible. 
So what do you have to do to cross that line to not being able to turn back.
Well we all wish we had them,

Having breasts is the true commitment to being a sissy. You have boobs, and there is no way to going back to being that  guy that wears dresses and likes to give blow jobs and get fucked in the ass.
Now you are the gurl that likes all those things. and girls like those things.

You can wear real sexy tops.

If you had them then you could enjoy some nipple play
I've had a few orgasms' by  just having my nips sucked.

So do what you need to do and want to do to make yourself  happy with yourself.  You all know what lines you have to cross get to that point where you will be happy with yourself and be closer to how you want to be. What lines you want to cross and which ones you wish you could cross are all up to you.  Do what you can to make yourself happy with how you are. 

Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

So many Questions

Obviously I reblogged this from Rauk22.. wish she was still around.
With having to do social distancing and then working from work. Ron had so many things that he had to consider now. Did he have a virtual staff meeting today or not?  What all was he going to get done as far as work and things around the house. But this morning was proving more difficult than usual. What shade of lipstick should he wear.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Hi World

Hi every body that is stopping by to see what's new.
This is Going to go along the lines of the name of my blog.-- My Rambling.
I haven't been posting as I have been very busy. More busy than I prefer to be.
Having problems with sleeping, sometimes I feel I'm depressed, but then there are times that things seem to go great. I have started listening to some hypnosis from Mz Dominika. and that helps me sleep. I only have the 2 Free ones she gave out and I'm Lazy maybe a better word would be too cheap, to buy any more. They help me relax and go to sleep, I kind of think that they make me feel more feminine.  I seem to be obsessed with shaving my legs. I love the way they feel when I just shaved. So smooth. Love how they reflect the light and seem to shine after putting lotion on them,
I used to run a lot, but have injured myself and was told by the orthopedist to do PT. which I have, but still hurts to run. I started riding bike and there is just something missing from it that running has.
I swim now too. (which I could wear a bikini when I do. )  I lift weights too. not as much as I used to. Used to lift a lot. I had some big pects.  Now luckily they have turned to fat and I have nice b cup boobs. glad the pool is dark when I go swimming. Which they were C's.
I'm dressed right now. It has been so long. I can wear my panties to bed and sometimes I'll wear stockings too, but because my house has been like a airport with people coming and going I have never had time to get fully dressed. There is something about getting fully dressed that just seems so settling to one's soul. I wear panties at night but that just settles a little bit of the urge. But, putting on a bra, with the panties, stockings, and a hugging dress with heels is just so... I don't know how to describe it. Maybe an inner peace.
I so admire those that can dress all the time. I'm so envious. Me I look like a guy in a dress and I don't think there is enough makeup on this planet that can make me look like a girl.
What do people think of finasteride?  I know it's not estrogen, but if you block your testosterone with it would your body change with just it.
Stepped away for a minute to try to adjust this thing. I put on a Chasity device  Friday afternoon,  I'm mailing the key to myself.  I should get it back by Monday after noon. Now it is pinching me and it's a little uncomfortable. I think it's cause I'm dressed. I've had it on in the past, but never with a tight gaff and being dressed. I usually tuck when I'm dressed. Now I just realized that the key won't get back till Tuesday.  I've never worn it when I'm dressed, just with my panties. never with a gaff. I think I may have to take it off.

Monday, May 6, 2019

You had me at Hi !

Ron's girlfriend did a make over on him and told him that if he came home with evidence that he had been with a man, then she would take his cage off for a night.  He had gone to the party with her and was watching from the side of the room when this man had come up to her and said hi.  He then proceeded to tell her how gorgeous he was, asking for his phone number. He knew that he was going to get lucky with this man.  He knew that he would be able to get his cage off.  But as he smiled he realized  how he was going to get the evidence to show his wife.
He asked,  "Do you have any rubbers?" He had a startled look on his face but said yes.
He smiled  even more.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Just a kiss.

It was my companies Halloween party and my friend said that he thought that I should try going as a girl.  I have  soft features and long hair and he thought that I could probably pull it off, and no one would guess that it was me.  If I won for best costume I could win $100. He thought that we could go as a couple.  I could get a nice dress and he would rent a tuxedo.
 I did find a nice dress and outfit

We went to the party and I got into my role as girl friend. We had some snacks and drinks and some dancing.  It was a great night. We did win for best looking couple.   We took a Uber back to his place and we were sitting on his couch having some wine. He excused himself to go to the bath room, came back and sat down. He was a little drunk and had forgotten to zip his fly. And forgot to put his member back in his boxers.  He was not hanging out, but if he moved, he would fall out. I was not for sure with what to do.  I wasn't shocked, but for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of it. We were sitting close and he had his arm around me. Why wasn't I getting out of the girlfriend mode.  He leaned over and kissed me on my lips. I was shocked but soon I realized I was kissing him back. He moved.   I moved. Then I felt it, on my arm. I moved my arm and touched it with my hand.  I thought I would just put it back in his pants. A least that's what I think I started to do. Then he kissed me again, and I guess I just held on to it. My, I couldn't believe how quickly it grew in my hand.  I was really at a loss with what to do.  There was part of me that was thinking I just let go, get up and walk away. But then there was the part of me that so wanted to still be his girlfriend.  I had such a great time with him tonight.  Well what is a little kiss going to do.

I've been his girl friend since.