Friday, March 24, 2017


Hi all
I had written a long story and just finished proof reading it and hit the publish button, but now it has disappeared. and I don't even have the draft. What can I do to find it or restore it or whatever.
It took months to write it and now it's gone.

This would be so exciting.

A few years ago I went out in my back yard in something like this and a dress.  But it was at night. I was so excited
I know I will never look like this.  But, I would dress like this every day and go sit out in the back yard if I looked like her

I know I used this from someone elses blog.
I would give you credit but I forgot who I borrowed it from.

I think I would.

What's the sense of looking this good if you don't.
I know I would.

But don't show my face yet.

Steve has had some changes in his life,
but was still embarrassed that friends would still recognize him