Monday, May 6, 2019

You had me at Hi !

Ron's girlfriend did a make over on him and told him that if he came home with evidence that he had been with a man, then she would take his cage off for a night.  He had gone to the party with her and was watching from the side of the room when this man had come up to her and said hi.  He then proceeded to tell her how gorgeous he was, asking for his phone number. He knew that he was going to get lucky with this man.  He knew that he would be able to get his cage off.  But as he smiled he realized  how he was going to get the evidence to show his wife.
He asked,  "Do you have any rubbers?" He had a startled look on his face but said yes.
He smiled  even more.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Just a kiss.

It was my companies Halloween party and my friend said that he thought that I should try going as a girl.  I have  soft features and long hair and he thought that I could probably pull it off, and no one would guess that it was me.  If I won for best costume I could win $100. He thought that we could go as a couple.  I could get a nice dress and he would rent a tuxedo.
 I did find a nice dress and outfit

We went to the party and I got into my role as girl friend. We had some snacks and drinks and some dancing.  It was a great night. We did win for best looking couple.   We took a Uber back to his place and we were sitting on his couch having some wine. He excused himself to go to the bath room, came back and sat down. He was a little drunk and had forgotten to zip his fly. And forgot to put his member back in his boxers.  He was not hanging out, but if he moved, he would fall out. I was not for sure with what to do.  I wasn't shocked, but for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of it. We were sitting close and he had his arm around me. Why wasn't I getting out of the girlfriend mode.  He leaned over and kissed me on my lips. I was shocked but soon I realized I was kissing him back. He moved.   I moved. Then I felt it, on my arm. I moved my arm and touched it with my hand.  I thought I would just put it back in his pants. A least that's what I think I started to do. Then he kissed me again, and I guess I just held on to it. My, I couldn't believe how quickly it grew in my hand.  I was really at a loss with what to do.  There was part of me that was thinking I just let go, get up and walk away. But then there was the part of me that so wanted to still be his girlfriend.  I had such a great time with him tonight.  Well what is a little kiss going to do.

I've been his girl friend since.

I Hope some one missed me

I have been gone from posting for what seems like forever. My general feelings of insecurity are such that I hope I was missed.

I changed my password and forgot to write it down.  took forever to finally remember it.

Yeah for me!!

Yes.   I'm still  wishing I was a girl..

Tired of being a boy.

Finally got to dress after months.

Was thinking of posting a picture but.. no... a picture of me in a dress would turn every body off.

But this is who I wish I was.

I just love her hair, her eyes, her lips.
Wouldn't mind bigger boobs.
Yes maybe this size..

Then If  I'm special ordering my new girl body..
A cute tush would be geat too.

So my dreams and fantasies go on.

If you stopped to read. thanks for stopping by.
Wish I could get you a drink to get you to stay a little longer.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Hi all
I had written a long story and just finished proof reading it and hit the publish button, but now it has disappeared. and I don't even have the draft. What can I do to find it or restore it or whatever.
It took months to write it and now it's gone.

This would be so exciting.

A few years ago I went out in my back yard in something like this and a dress.  But it was at night. I was so excited
I know I will never look like this.  But, I would dress like this every day and go sit out in the back yard if I looked like her

I know I used this from someone elses blog.
I would give you credit but I forgot who I borrowed it from.