Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Found Out, But Not Found Out.

I looked at my girl friend in shock.  I thought that she was going to be out of town for another 2 days. I didn't expect her to come in and catch me.  I was speechless I didn't know how she was going to handle me dressing up. She started to yell at me calling a lousy bitch and I had better get my cute little ass out of her and her boy friend's house. Then yelling at me to tell her where her boyfriend was.
Then I realized she didn't recognise me. What was I going to do?   If I took all my girl clothes and left I wouldn't have my boy clothes.  I would have to just wear my girl clothes.  That might not be all bad.
Oh, you think I have a cute ass?



I think I got carried away with the feminization hypnosis and what I was doing and not being in control after I would hear a trigger word. I don't know how many post hypnotic suggestions I have been given.   I found I was doing some things that I didn't think I would do and ending up in places I couldn't explain how I got there. This was something that I usually dreaded when I came to.  This time it was different.   I was in just my bra and panties, and this has happened before, but this time I felt like a woman, and I had that feeling that I was a woman. I just wish I knew where I was.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

What can happen when two lesbians dress you up to look like their friend.

I had know Jan and Chris for a while and I had thought that they had a thing going for each other.
I had met up with them one Halloween party when I went dressed as a girl. They had asked me to go on vacation with them.  I had saved some money, and thought yeah this would be fun. It ended up that they must have read some of the same boy goes on vacation and loses his luggage and has to wear his girlfriend's clothes stories that I wish would happen to me.  After being a boi sandwitch between them, I think I'll keep the name they keep calling me, Rhonda, and maybe take on a new identity.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

So would you stay or would you go

This was  about the time that his dates would leave. He had gone out with this guy a couple of times before, and they had made out before too. It was the first time that they had started to get undressed and usually the guys around here took off when they saw the thing he had in his panties.  So was his date going to stay or go.


Now I Can Have Some Real Fun

I kept looking in the mirror each time I would dress up and I finally thought," I look good enough to pass.  Now I'm going to have some real fun"

I wish I looked good enough to pass.
I dream of looking like this someday.
It's not going to happen.
I wake up every morning and look at the same guy in the mirror.
I wish I could be magically changed some morning when I wake up
I feel so frustrated and lacking. I dream of being a pretty girl but I know it will never happen.
I'm glad I can lose myself in dreams.
Thanks for reading.

Panties ...

Rhonda looked down at the strap of his panties.  He remembered when he was a guy how he thought it was so amazing that a little strap like that could hold something in place like they did.  Now He looked at it in frustration. His date was nervous. It was his first time with a gurl.  He tried to pull down my panties but kept pulling down on my garter belt, and it wasn't budging. He got so frustrated that he left even before I could get into his pants.


That New Lingerie feeling

He didn't mind. He knew it was the hypnosis. It was just a little unnerving when he tried on new lingerie in the store and there was that command that he would have an orgasm whenever he wore new lingerie.  He loved the feeling, but he knew he would end up buying it because of the mess he made.