Monday, April 28, 2014

This is my tribute to Fictionmania.

Steve just looked at his monitor and couldn't help but notice his reflection. 
He had disregarded the warnings and had spent the whole weekend reading
a story "My Fall to Grace" on Fictionmania.
It was true.  The results of reading too much from their  web site would change your sex.
Now he wished he had done this long a go.
It is a good story.

So you want to be a girl too ?

How are you ?
Just stopping to see some Caps?
Those pictures and short story of a boy being changed into a girl?
You Like that?
Ahhh, I bet you do.
You ever wish that you were a girl?
You can admit it.  It's okay.  Being a girl is so nice.
I mean who would want to be a boy ?
Girls have so many options.
Don't ya think?  I mean just think of all the things a girl can do with her hair. Short, Medium, Long,
Wavy, straight, curly.
Then make up, either a little or a lot. You can change your whole look and how people see you with
different make up. Boys can't do that.
Then there's clothes. We have so many more options, blouses, tops and how they are cut and how they fit, tight or loose. low tops to show a little cleavage. Boys can wear a t shirt. or a shirt, sweat shirt.  Girls can wear a top that will make even other girls look at their cleavage. How often does some one try to look down a guys shirt? Nope doesn't happen.
Then thee are dresses, pants, shorts, short shorts, skirts. and many different lengths of these. then tight or loose. 
But then our lingerie, boy can't even come close. Don't you wish you could wear a bra?
Oh you do? Oh you have one on now.  Oh that is so nice. What kind?   I have a VS underwire.
Oh sorry, I know this is about you, and I got off on a tangent.
Panties too ?  Well yeah, if you have a bra on you should have panties too.
I have on Pink satin, bikinis. Love em.
You have a dress too.
I like dresses, skirts are okay too.  I have this little dark purple tight lycra dress with spaghetti straps.
Short, middle to upper thigh.
Girls have so many options.
So keep your dress and bra and panties on. You Look good. I can see you through your web cam.
It's just a little thing I like to do. When someone comes here, I get off on them too.
Just kidding.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are you ?

There's more help getting up now.

When Steve practiced walking in heels he fell down a lot.
But now that he is a girl he still falls,
but there are more people asking him if he needs help up.

Okay gurls, fess up. How do you hook your bras.

 So answer this question.
How do you hook up your bra.
Can you do it behind your back?
please answer

Ok that's the catch Just a litttle variation.

Rhonda saw the dress in the store window and knew he had to try it on.
The store manager said he could but there was going to be a catch.

Oh that was the catch. Well it's a nice dress.

It's worth it.

Rhonda saw the dress in the store window and he knew he just had to try it on.
But the store manager said he could, but there was going to be a catch.
So far he thought it was well worth it.

Thanks for helping, I think.

Thanks Kaaren,
I just can't get the hang of putting this thing on by myself.
You said something about me paying you back someway, I didn't catch that.

Okay, so where am I now?

Rhonda always liked how his girl friend changed him into a girl. 
He was just worried that when she did it, he never knew where he would end up,
and how he was supposed to find his way back home.

I think I'll Order this one

Steve had been looking through the Body Suit catalog and
thought that this was the one that he would get. It had nice boobs and a
nice waist. He just wished that it had a back picture so he could see the butt.
But why wouldn't that be okay.
Now to get his credit card and order it.
It should be here by bikini season he thought to himself.

Rhonda your boobies are growing.

Oh Rhonda your boobies are starting to grow.
Thanks Leeanne, I'm glad that you noticed.
I can't wait for them to get to be a C cup.

Think Different !!

Wayne was driving home from work, stuck in the same bumper to bumper traffic.
As he sat in traffic he saw the bill board.  It was the usual college advertisement, a bunch of college age boys and girls sitting around on the grass of some campus having a good conversation.  He didn't remember the name of the college,  just the comment " Think different".
He sat in traffic for a bit and looked up at the sign again, but this time it had a beautiful blonde looking at him. No he'd swear she was now pointing at him, and then she was motioning for him to come to her. The traffic began to move and the person behind him honked. He started driving and looked up, and it was the college kids again.  "Wow that was weird," he thought. 
He went home and things seem to go as usual, till he went to sleep. He dreamed that he saw the girl again, and she was in his house. she was motioning for him to come to the bathroom. He got up out of bed, and followed her to the bath  room. She motioned for him to look in the mirror. He did and saw, not himself, but the blonde girl and her twin. He woke up with a start. "whoa, what the hell."
He went back to sleep. Morning came, he got up and started his usual routine. but for some reason, that he couldn't explain, as he was shaving, he shaved his legs.  He got out of the shower, and was drying himself off,  when he noticed he had shaved his legs. He shook his head to himself, wondering what was going on..  He left for work.
At work things were a typical day, except for some reason a couple of people called him Jessica,
then caught themselves. He knew there was a girl at the office by that name and his name was Jessie.
So maybe a simple mistake.
Work was done and he could head home. He knew a long slow trip as traffic sucked again.  stopped in the same place. There was the sign again. a bunch of college kids, and there was the girl again. Smiling at him, motioning at him. "What was she saying?"
He smiled back, and she blew him a kiss, then the horn honked again. "Oh crap"
"Maybe I had need to eat better." so he had a salad, and a glass of white wine. Watched a little tube then went to bed.
The dream started just like last time. He saw her and followed her into the bathroom. She motioned to look in the mirror, which he did. She took her hands and caressed her butt, and kept doing so till he did the same. She smiled at him and continued on for a while as she saw that he was enjoying himself. She then moved up to her breasts and caressed them too. He figured that he should follow

suite. Wow, he didn't realize how sensitive his nipples were. She was smiling at him to the point  where she was almost laughing, she looked so happy. He smiled too. She was gone. He woke up in his bed, caressing his chest, but a little disappointed that his nipples weren't as sensitive as they were a few seconds ago.
He went back to sleep, but tossed and turned. Morning came again and he again went through his usual routine.  This time though when he was washing, he noticed that his nipples were now sensitive were a few minutes ago they weren't, and wait, could he feel that he was getting breasts.  "this is too weird."
He was getting dressed, and pulling up his pants when he noticed that his pants were catching on his
Oh my, this is just getting more and more strange.
He went to work and it was the same as yesterday. every one called him Jessica, but today no one corrected them self.
The something really weird happened. He was walking to go to a meeting when he heard, "cute butt Jessica." "What ?"
He was tired from a night of poor sleep and thought he would go the bathroom and splash some water on his face. He went to the sink and was going to splach water on his face when he saw his reflection,
"What the hell, how did my hair get that long?" He stood up, it was down to his shoulders. "Oh my God."
He leaned in to splash water on his face when a thought went through his head. "What will this do to my mascara.? "What? But I'm not wearing mascara. Am I?" He looked closely. "Wait, where did that come from?"

He decided against splashing water on his face, and was just getting ready to leave, when a man walked in and said, " Jessica, aren't you supposed to be in the ladies room?"
"What? Oh yeah, sorry I was in a hurray and didn't look."
He left and then went into the ladies room.  Some one there said, "Jessica, aren't you suppose to be giving a presentation now?"
"Yes, I'm just a little nervous and don't feel myself at the moment."
"I can understand that. It is a large account and you're the first women to take an account like that.
What would some guy know about women's clothing? Good luck."
"Thanks, I think I'm going to need it."
" You go girl"
He stood back looking at himself in the mirror. He saw the reflection of the girl from his dreams, but she was wearing white blouse, showing a discrete amount of cleavage, a blue skirt that was mid thigh and matching heels. He straightened his blouse and skirt out. "Okay Jessica, lets go give them hell"
The presentation went well, actually went great. He was told to go to the bosses office tomorrow.
He went home that night, or should we say, she went home that night, but instead of business as
usual she spent some time finding that the clothes he had were had been changed into women's. Of course he did some checking to see that she was all girl every where. 
That night he dreamed of the girl again.  She motioned for him to come to her.  He got up and she just gave him a loving embrace, and she vanished into him.
The next day he was called into the bosses office.
"Jessica, I'm wondering. You did such a great job with women's clothing line. And I think you are the person for this job. How would you like to start out our new line of women's sex toys. We feel that there is a market for this, and think the company can make a better bottom line if we pursue it. What do you think?"
Eyes very wide, " Oh sure I think I can handle that."
That night on the way home  he saw the sign again, this time his blonde friend was standing wiggling her butt in a pair of panties that he knew he a pair on just like them.
"Yeah, I know, think differently."

Seems I just can't stop looking

Steve had always thought he had a small clitty,
but now that he had been turned into a girl
he couldn't stop looking at his beautiful little pussy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rose dress

Steve was just not used to this.
Most of the dresses he wore were really short and tight.

blue panties

She handed me these panties and said to wear them.
I looked at her and said, but they're blue.
Of course blue is for boys silly.
But, believe it or not they will turn pink as you turn into the girl on the tag.
She was right.  I wish I didn't have to take them off.

Bikini Beach

Some girls from my class asked me to go on spring break with them.
They said that I might be able to lose my virginity if I came a long with them.
I thought, heck, the only guy with these 5 girls, yeah I just might.
Well, we got to this place called bikini beach, and I somehow was turned into a girl.
I wish I had the option of having a bigger bikini, but the girls were right. 
This bikini helped me loose  my virginity.  I have lost my virginity,
a couple of times yesterday,and a few times today,
and tonight. Well tonight is the last night we are going to be here.
So the girls suggested a foursome, with me being the only girl.
I suppose I can sleep on the ride back.


Rhonda was so nervous.
Kareen and Leeanne were suppose to come and pick him up.
They said "Just go to Ken's apartment and change into your girly things, and we'll be there and
pick you  up and then we can go out in our gurl's night out."
His clothes had disappeared, he had just his wig and his panties.
Then they added, "But remember if Ken shows up with his friends,
then I'm afraid it will be gurl's night in with the boys"
"Oh crap, there's Ken, and ..!
How many friend does he have?"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Show Off.

Rhonda was so proud of the girl that he was
turned into that sometimes he showed it off at
                                                            inappropriate times.

The Itch.

Oh crap, what are you doing here?
Well it's when I usually come home from work. What are you doing ?
Well, if you must know, ever since you changed me into a girl, it seems I can't stop humping some of the things that I sit on. I was getting close to being able to stop till you came home.
Well it is Saturday. we could go out tonight and you could find something fun that would help with that itch.

New Boy Friend

Rhonda was so glad he met a boy that could relate to how he felt about things.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hey Bro

Hey Bro, I hear you got hit with that gender change virus thing.  HOLY CRAP, man it hit you pretty good, uhmm, I mean bad. didn't it. Holy cow. So you getting along okay? you adjusting?

Yeah, It took me a while. I'm smaller. I can't stand to pee any more. But there are some advantages.

Advantages, like what ?

Unbuttoning, I have these that I can play with anytime. You want to feel them ?

They look great.  They feel great to. Thanks.

So how did you catch that virus anyway?

Oh I squeezed Sam's boobs when he had it happen to him.

Oh crap Bro, why did you let me squeeze your boobs then?

I thought you would like it as much as I do.

Yes Please

Nikki: Lunch time, Rhonda.
Rhonda: Why are you doing this Nikki ?
Nikki: Doing what ?
Rhonda: You know.   You changed me into a girl and keep me locked up in this room.  No clothes. You aren't going to break me. You know that don't you?
Nikki: Oh ?
Rhonda: You changed my body, but you haven't changed my mind. My brain and mind are still a guys. I know what you are trying to do to me.
Nikki: hmmm. interesting Rhonda. Besides changing you into a girl?
Rhonda: You keep me naked so I can't resist touching my skin, and caressing it. You know that makes me start exploring this body. And one thing leads to another.
Nikki: Yes, we've heard you exploring your body. Sounds like you have explored it a number of times today.
Rhonda: And why do you keep feeding me the same tasteless Greek yogurt.
Nikki: Tasteless? It is suppose to have a taste.
Rhonda: Okay, then the cum flavored yogurt. Why do you keep feeding it to me. Over and over again.
Nikki: Cum flavored yogurt? You recognized the taste?
Rhonda: Yes, I know what cum tastes like.
Nikki: Interesting Rhonda.
Rhonda: You want to keep feeding it to me don't you?  Till you make it be the only thing I want.
Nikki: You think that, do you?
Rhonda: Yeah, so leave me alone.
Nikki: Okay, so do you want your lunch ?
Rhonda: Yes please

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just my followers.

Simone:  What's wrong Rhonda ? You look unhappy. You don't like the looks of the girl I turned you into.

Rhonda : Oh no.  I love how I look.  I mean wow, look at me. I'm gorgeous. What fool of a guy that wants to be a girl would not love this body, this face. I think you created my ideal.

Simone: Well what's wrong then? I know your secrets, at least most of them. You can tell me.

Rhonda: Well don't you think this dress is a little short, maybe too short.

Simone: You've told me that you have worn shorter dresses and skirts.

Rhonda: Well yeah, that true. But I was a guy then, and I was wearing panties.  I don't have any panties on with this dress.

Simone: I don't want you to wear panties to night.

Rhonda: No panties. Why ?

Simone: Because I want all my guests to have "access" to you if they so desire.

Rhonda: Guests ?  How many guests are coming ?

Simone: Oh all my followers for sure. then maybe whoever else read my last post.

Rhonda:  oh crap.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I don't have to accept this change.

Rhonda, enough already, you've been a girl for a week now.You are going to have to accept it sometime. You just can't stand in front of the mirror and keep looking at yourself.  You won't change back.You have to get on with your life.
Yeah, I know.  I was just wondering what I would like as a brunette.

This is going to be a fun adventure.

Steve had left for his early morning run as usual.
He was about 5 miles out when he noticed the object in the sky.
Seconds later he saw, the beam of light and felt his clothes vaporize.
He started to feel the heat of the beam,
and began to have this feeling of warmth spread through his body.
He thought he was having a heart attack and grabbed his chest, 
noticing that he now had breasts.
Lifting his head and still facing the light, he could feel hair flowing down his back.
The beam went out.
He opened his eyes, seeing that he had been changed intoa beautiful woman.
He stood naked in the park and could feel the eyes of people passing him by.
Wow, I have five miles to go to get back to my apartment. Naked and looking like this.
This is going to be a fun adventure.

A cigar is more than a cigar

Freud used to say sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
Rhonda wishes that sometimes a cigar could be something else.

Of course I'm Upset

I don't believe this.
You asked me to dress like a girl and wear this outfit and go to prom with you.
I spent hours removing body hair, making it so this wig can't come off, putting on make up.
Then making these breast forms look real and then getting into this corset.
Now you tell me you forgot to order the dress !!
What do you expect.!!
Of course I'm upset!!

So how do you really feel ?

So Steve, oh I'm sorry Rhonda, I forgot that is what you want to be called now. 
Most guys that got caught in the great shift and had their genders changed
are pretty bummed. You seem to have adapted pretty well,
and it doesn't seem to bother you.
So how do you really feel about being a girl?

Leeanne where are you ?

Leeanne, I really had fun coming over to your house and playing dress up.  I admit I was nervous about going out side dressed like this, and the blind fold and you leading me down this path behind your house was almost frightening.  You were right I can walk in heels better now.  But when are we going back to your place?
Leeanne ?
Leeanne, where are you ?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oh, you like TG caps too !!
This will be our little secret.
I promise I won't tell any one.
Well maybe some friends.