Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reaffirmations --- yes I want to be a gurl.

Re blog if you ?







Be the Girl..


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yes. I love wearing tight dresses.

Wearing one right now in fact.


Ron's sister had set him up with a date. He just got a call that he wouldn't be able to make it tonight, but asked about next weekend.  Ron had spent all day wearing a butt plug to make sure he was stretched enough and now he was feeling empty.

I've read this a hundred times

There always seems like there is something else I learn.

Would it be nice ?

You wearing that when we go out to eat ?

 Ron's girl friend used to give him crap about his sense of fashion. He always wore a T shirt and jeans. Now she always thought he was overdressed.

I do this. Doesn't every one.

 just that little bit of precum..

then the big load after.

Where is she ?

Ron's girl friend said that she would help in his transformation, but he just had to do a dare afterwards. Ron agreed after her telling him all he had to do was walk across the park, She would drop him of on one side of the park and he had to walk across the park and she would pick him up.  Well she dropped him off, but that was 3 hours ago. He had walked up and the sidewalk and was beginning to wonder why she took his cell phone before she left.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Feminization Hyponsis... should you try it or not ?

Ron had been listening to some hypnotic feminization recordings for a year now. He thought that any changes that were happening to him would be too subtle for any one to notice.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I ordered this.

Not really.   But it would be so nice.

Not the brightest star any more.

Ron was so embarrassed. He had been given a bikini, and absently took off the top. He realized then that he had boobs. "This is so odd. I have a blue bikini  How can I be a boy and have boobs?  Maybe I should check my bottom and see if my little clitty is still there. Maybe I shouldn't care."


Could she talk you into it ?

No more eye Contact.

After Ron was changed to a women,  he could tell that men just didn't look him in the eyes any more.  But he didn't care. He enjoyed it.  After all, why be a women if you can't flaunt it,

So when you wear that really short dress. Be sure you are sending the right message.


Feel it. Let those feelings out. Be the girl.