Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Love the beach.

Ron had gotten a pass for bikini beach and was pretty happy.
He thought this was the perfect view of the beach from where he was and
looked forward to visiting the rest of the summer.

Hoping for a Stiffer Penalty

The famous Oceanside beach town, that won't be named, was famous for all the spring breakers that were attracted by the beach, the warm weather.  But the City counsel was tired of all the kids that
got arrested for disorderly conduct. The sheriff suggested that they be transformed into girls. He was after all a witch, and had a thing for sissies.
Here you can see all the gurls that were held until they were put up for auction.
You can see Rhonda here(towards the left with his back to us) talking to some boys that she would like to have bid on him. She has learned the ropes, so to speak, as this was her 3rd time getting picked up.  He hoping that there would be a stiffer penalty for her since she was a repeat offender.
And I'm sure she will find something stiffer later.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Steves Pics

Steve's girl friend really liked to help him in becoming his alter ego, Rhonda.
She helped with his waxing and make up and fixing his hair so he truly looked feminine.
She thought she should take some pictures so he could see how he looked when he didn't have time to dress. To help with that obsession he would get when he felt an uncontrollable urge to dress.

It didn't help.

Assume the position.

Rhonda had gone to the Comic-Con convention. He was trying out a new costume this year.
He was in his room and was ready to go when the police broke in and yelled "assume the position.
He thought it was the same position his mistress always told him to get into.


I need to do some painting.

Yeah I don't mind being changed to a girl.
But I don't think I can live with the colors in this room.

Isn't blue a boys color ?

I don't understand.
If I'm in a blue bikini and everything else is blue.  Why can't I turn back into a boy?

Wow, Leeanne what a party.!!

Wow, Leeanne, That was the best party ever.
I can't believe how much fun I had.
I wish I could remember where I left my boy clothes and whose these clothes are.

This is going to be tough

"Oh Crap, What did she do to me this time.?"
Steve was referring to his girl friend.
Steve had found out that she was a witch, about the same time she discovered his
liking to dress up as a girl.
At first she would just change him into a girl, and she would explore some of her
Bi- curiosity fantasies. This lasted for a few weeks. Then she seemed to realize that she really didn't tilt that way. She realized that Steve really tilted that way.
So she would challenge him. She would not only change him to a girl, but have him appear in only his lingerie in someplace. He would have to figure out how to get back before she would change him back.. He seemed to adapt to the challenge every time.
This time though, she not only changed him to a girl and sent him to Daytona beach, she sent him back in time to spring break, 1983.  This was bad, as she wouldn't be born till 1987.
"Well, this is going to be tough getting back this time." Steve Thought, "Maybe, the boy behind me will get closer."

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Having more fun in the wrong costume

Steve was all set to go to the Cosplay convention.
He had ordered the costume of his favorite superhero.
He had bought plane tickets as well, had made the nonrefundable motel reservations.
He failed to look at his costume before he left.
When he got there he realized they had sent the wrong one. 
But he wasn't going to not go at this point.
He had a better time than he had in the many years that he had been going.

Date with his girl friend.

Steve didn't want to go to the cosplay convention with is girl friend.
He was even more unsure about going when she showed him his costume.
But he love her, so he went anyway.  His girl friend showed him how much she appreciated it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

With the right clothes.

After years of camping, Steve finally found that if you took the right equipment
and clothes, it made the whole camping experience so much more exciting

Being pleased.with himself.

Steve was pleased. He was already a 34 b and the formula that he had taken stated that it would make him at least a 36 c.  Not bad for just a week. Heck it took him longer than that to grow his hair.

The master of tucking.

Steve turned and looked at the guy he had picked up at the bar.
He was excited and nervous. He was excited because if he made this guy cum he would be able to
continue in his transition.  He was nervous, as he didn't know how well his "tucking" would  hold  with all that was happening.

I don't know if I can do this.

Steve turned and looked at his girl friend, " I don't know if I can do this."
"Oh, but sweetie you look so nice, no one will ever guess that you're a boy. We've done your wig so it can't fall off. Your make up, your breast forms are all perfect. You have such a cute butt.  No one will be suspicious that you're a boy."
"I know. It's just that I can't reach and zip up my dress.  Can you help me?, then we can go out clubbing. "

Still can't see my toes

Steve could not believe it.  He had made a wish last night when he saw a falling star that he could get rid of his beer gut and be able to see his toes when he was lying down.  He had to admit he got rid of his beer gut, but he still can't see his toes.

Trying to accept things

Steve had gone ahead and had taken the pills as he was told. 
Some of the changes had been
obvious, but others he was hiding
as he yet didn't know if he could accept it.

So what's the big deal ?

You look at me and give me the impression that wearing a bra
and having boobs is a bad thing for a boy.

So the usual blow job again ?

Okay, so I drank the potion as you said.
I've changed into a girl as you said would happen.
I'm suppose I have to give you that blow job that
you said I would have to, in order to change back to being a man.
This is just like last weekend.
Why can't you fix the potion so I'll stay a girl when I taste cum.
I hate the changing back to a boy thing that happens each time we do this.