Monday, April 27, 2015

Just another blow job gif...because I like them.

She seems to be enjoying it so much.
So it has to be fun.
Let's all go out and have fun.

This is how I want to look .

I'm sure I could get laid then.
The more you look like a girl the more cock you can get.
(Darn feminization hypnosis)

Used photo..

I still think it would be fun to dress up as the sexy bride.
Any one else have that fantasy?

What was it she said ?

Ron's sister had changed him into a girl. She sent him into her bed to see her boy friend.
Ron was a little drunk. He's on his hand and knees between his sister's boyfriend's leg, looking him in the eyes. He's wondering, "Did she say I had to give him a blowjob if I wanted to stay like this or if I
give him a blow job I won't be able to stay like this? Wish I had heard her better. I really want to stay like this, but then the blow job would be fun too.

I would so love to wear this dress.!!! (these dresses)

And this outfit.
And this one too !!
Daddy would you buy them for me please ?
I'll do what ever you want.

Complete change.

My girl friend said that the changes would be complete, and I felt that that was the case. But when she asked me to pose like this for a few photos. I felt that I was getting aroused and just from habit I tried to hide my clitty that I thought would be getting hard. Wasn't getting hard, just wet.

She changed me again..

I woke up as if I had been drinking all night. I was getting used to the fact that she liked to change me into a girl.  I really liked it too, except the side effect of waking up as a girl in some strange place and having to figure out where you were, having to find clothes that fit you and finding your way home.
This sometimes could take days.  But it is always a fun adventure, and I am always up to the challenge. Now I wonder if I can find a dress somewhere that goes with this .  Is that a guys voice I hear?

I Love wearing my girl clothes..

Monday, April 20, 2015

Oh crap ! What did I do last night ?

Ron had gone out drinking and ran into a someone that he thought was very cute.
They got drunk together.  Then the night seemed a little foggy and uncertain.
One thing for certain though,  he wasn't wearing his panties any more, he felt a
little messy around his bottom.

Everyone likes a compliment.

Especially when you are a sissy.