Friday, December 18, 2015

Some Time ago I saw a Caption made by Seattle Jasmine.. I loved it..

Having boobs is the point of no return.

True confession ---- this is so me..

Wouldn't it be nice to have this happen ?

I do wish I had a girl fiend like her

I think she is so gorgeous. 
And I don't really care if her cock is bigger than mine.
I could get used to it.

Why do I let her do that to me ?

Ron was pissed. His girl friend once again tricked him into a girls outfit. He thought that she had to know how he loved to dress up and express his feminine side. She asked him to help her fit a dress. She needed him to wear some lingerie, so the dress would fill out better. He  put it on and now she was in the process of doing some alterations to the dress, and he gone back into the bedroom and thought that he could change when he heard a some other women's voices. Then heard his name called.
"Ron. Come here.  The girls want to see how this dress fits."
Her friends always complimented him on how pretty he looked. He loved it when they did, but hated the fact that he would still have to go back to looking and living as a boy.

Never underestimate what a woman can do.

My girl friend said that she could change me in such a way that I would not be able to recognize myself.  I bet her that she couldn't.  We had been living together for a few years,  and as she started to have me do some things to change how I looked, I began to worry that she knew my secret. I had been a closet cross dresser for a few years, and when she went away on business trips I would spend time with my feminine side. She started with a basic total body waxing, then lotion. That really made my skin very soft. Then there was the brow shaping and lip plumping.  She obtained some breast forms, and I was amazed at how real they felt, I think she knew something when she told me to put on a bra and I did it behind my back without looking.
She did most of this Saturday, and wouldn't let me see till she was done.
She had me put on a very feminine dress, then go sit on the couch in the living room. She would find a mirror. She had covered all the other ones in the house.
"Here." Handing me a hand mirror."Look, and tell me if you can see yourself."
I took the mirror.
"No. I don't see my self." But knowing this is what I really thought I looked like on the inside.
"Great."she says, "lets go to that orchestra concert that benefits the LGBT community."

It's embarrassing and somewhat humiliating the first time.

My girl friend had caught me trying on a pair of her panties. She really didn't say much about it, but seemed to be somewhat accepting of it. She said that she would get me my own things, but on one condition. I would have to come out of the closet. So now I'm wearing the things that she got me,
the wig, the make up, the matching pink bra and panties.
"Come out here Steve."
" Okay.  Give me a minute."I was terribly anxious about this.
I took a deep breath and walked out of the bed room into the living room. Feeling more exposed that being naked.
There she sat. She looked up at me. "Oh my. We have to call you something other than Steve."
"Come sit here next to me and have some wine. What do you think of Rhonda? She was a nurse that you used to work with.  Wasn't she ?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hypnotic Feminization.

I started experimenting with this topic some time ago. I had this idea that if I was hypnotized and
it was suggested that I started feeling things like a girl, that I would start to feel like a girl. 
Well, I've gone to a few places on the web, and have experimented with this idea and obviously
some places are better than others.
But I have to say I have been to one and I just keep going back to her.
Her name is Mistress Dominica.
I love the sound of her voice. I don't know if it is a post hypnotic suggestion that makes me keep going back, but I can't get enough of her voice. I know she makes a "suggestion" that you can't get enough of her voice, but I love the way she talks to me. Even though I just listen to an MP3.
I have almost started to call myself Jessica, because of her.
I listen to her Jessica 1 and Jessica II often, at least a few times a week. I listen to her over and over again. She brings a smile to my face and mind when she calls my name.   Jesssssica..
Tho, it isn't my name, in my mind, I am Jessica when she calls me.
I feel that because of her, my breasts and nipples have become very sensitive.  Sometimes even when I wear a shirt and it rubs against my nipples, my breast just tingle.  I know these are "programed" into me from her suggestions, but I don't care. it feels so wonderful. My nips are so "fun" now.

So here is a link to her web site.
Displaying MzDbannerF1.jpg

Try it, you may like it, I sure did,  still do.

If I could figure out how to make a banner, I'd do that.

Her banner is at the Bottom.

Let's get some boobs

When you fantasize about being a girl, what do you do? What do you wish that you looked like ?
Of course you fantasize about it. Well why wouldn't I think otherwise ? You're here, aren't you?
This is one of the places were we come to get in touch with our feminine side.
Actually we do more than get in touch with it. Some of us embrace it and try to dress it up in ways that in our minds eye, that is what we look like.  Some of us (not me, I'm chicken) are so brave, that they actually live their lives as girls. (I can not tell you girls how brave I think you are, but wow.)
So when you fantasize about wearing a dress do you think. We have to. Wearing a dress is a very feminine thing to do. Guys don't wear dresses. they wear trousers. Girls wear dresses. Girls wear stocking, and panties and bras. Boys wear socks, and briefs or boxers, but not bras.
Wearing a bra is the one thing that says, "Hey I am a girl too."
So wouldn't it be nice to have something real in your bra.

I've Seen a Gif that shows a cock sliding to an gurl's pussy and it says 
" this is the point of no return."
I've seen a caption that Seattle Jasmine has that is more true.
Grow your own breasts, that is the real point of no return.
You can take it up the ass, and go about your regular business 
and no one would know any different.
But grow some boobs and the world will take notice. 
So lets get some boobs for our bras. 
You know you want to.

I know it's the hypnosis, but they seem so real.

Ron was beginning to have a hard time separating reality from things that were happening as a result of some of the feminization hypnosis that he had been listening to. He couldn't tell if he had nice firm breasts or if it was just in his mind. He enjoyed it tremendously, but  he was starting to think that his hair, and bra and blouse.were real. He was wondering how he could tell reality from what he thought that he saw. Then he hoped that his reality had changed.  He would enjoy this.

It was worth it.

"Sit down Steve."
I looked at her surprised.
"Sit down Rhonda. Sit there on our steps."

We had been out shopping and had just gotten home. She had her hands full of bags of new dresses that she found on sale and a couple of things that I slipped into her bag too.
"Rhonda, I want to tell you something." I could see that she was starting to rummage in her purse, looking for something.
I thought I knew what it was. She had an envelope in it that was labeled "Breaking Words." I had seen it there when she told me to hold her purse while she talked on the phone with some guy and tried to sign the credit card statements.
I knew what it was. and as I saw her open the envelope I thought, "She is going to say that now?"
I saw her pull it out of her purse and was starting  to tear open the end of the envelope to open it.
I knew what I had to do.
She had done a series of hypnosis sessions on me as part of her doctoral research on hypnosis.  It was making some one do something that was against their will. I had tried to participate in another study when I was a freshman undergrad and was told I could not be hypnotized.  When Jen and I moved into together, She was just starting to work on her thesis. She also thought that we should have an open relationship. I guess I wouldn't have minded that so much except that she really started to say things that really hurt, upset me and got me to the point of being very angry at her.  I swore my revenge.
The hypnosis session started out with me thinking of my self as a girl.
First it was just panties, then a bra and some things to wear around the house.  Soon I was shaved and growing my hair, and wearing make-up. She never stopped saying those hurtful things.   I took the pills. she said they were vitamins. I knew they were hormones.  I felt the changes in my body occurring.
She had explained her thesis to me. She had proven that a person under hypnosis would do things that they would normally be very repulsed about doing. She explained that normally a person won't do things under hypnosis that they wouldn't normally do.  I was her example. I wouldn't have cooperated with this transition.  But I did and she thinks that she can get this research published and will become an authority on hypnosis. The problem is that her results will never be able to get replicated. She will be thought of as a fraud. I will have my revenge.
She said the word " Rumplestiltskin."
I tried to look surprised, I tried to look confused.
"Steve, I have done it.  I took you this far against your will. You will never be you again. Time for goodbye."
Then she said the word "sleep". I pretended to fall asleep.
"Rhonda wake."
I  opened my eyes again. Looked at her.
"Let's go in Rhonda.  The movers will be here tomorrow and pack your things for your move out west to your new job."
It was a great job, actually.  I would be getting out of this town, make a lot of money, getting away from her. Yeah sure my revenge may take a while to be realized.  Sure I was a girl now, but it was worth it.