Friday, December 18, 2015

Never underestimate what a woman can do.

My girl friend said that she could change me in such a way that I would not be able to recognize myself.  I bet her that she couldn't.  We had been living together for a few years,  and as she started to have me do some things to change how I looked, I began to worry that she knew my secret. I had been a closet cross dresser for a few years, and when she went away on business trips I would spend time with my feminine side. She started with a basic total body waxing, then lotion. That really made my skin very soft. Then there was the brow shaping and lip plumping.  She obtained some breast forms, and I was amazed at how real they felt, I think she knew something when she told me to put on a bra and I did it behind my back without looking.
She did most of this Saturday, and wouldn't let me see till she was done.
She had me put on a very feminine dress, then go sit on the couch in the living room. She would find a mirror. She had covered all the other ones in the house.
"Here." Handing me a hand mirror."Look, and tell me if you can see yourself."
I took the mirror.
"No. I don't see my self." But knowing this is what I really thought I looked like on the inside.
"Great."she says, "lets go to that orchestra concert that benefits the LGBT community."

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