Friday, December 18, 2015

It's embarrassing and somewhat humiliating the first time.

My girl friend had caught me trying on a pair of her panties. She really didn't say much about it, but seemed to be somewhat accepting of it. She said that she would get me my own things, but on one condition. I would have to come out of the closet. So now I'm wearing the things that she got me,
the wig, the make up, the matching pink bra and panties.
"Come out here Steve."
" Okay.  Give me a minute."I was terribly anxious about this.
I took a deep breath and walked out of the bed room into the living room. Feeling more exposed that being naked.
There she sat. She looked up at me. "Oh my. We have to call you something other than Steve."
"Come sit here next to me and have some wine. What do you think of Rhonda? She was a nurse that you used to work with.  Wasn't she ?

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