Monday, December 14, 2015

Let's get some boobs

When you fantasize about being a girl, what do you do? What do you wish that you looked like ?
Of course you fantasize about it. Well why wouldn't I think otherwise ? You're here, aren't you?
This is one of the places were we come to get in touch with our feminine side.
Actually we do more than get in touch with it. Some of us embrace it and try to dress it up in ways that in our minds eye, that is what we look like.  Some of us (not me, I'm chicken) are so brave, that they actually live their lives as girls. (I can not tell you girls how brave I think you are, but wow.)
So when you fantasize about wearing a dress do you think. We have to. Wearing a dress is a very feminine thing to do. Guys don't wear dresses. they wear trousers. Girls wear dresses. Girls wear stocking, and panties and bras. Boys wear socks, and briefs or boxers, but not bras.
Wearing a bra is the one thing that says, "Hey I am a girl too."
So wouldn't it be nice to have something real in your bra.

I've Seen a Gif that shows a cock sliding to an gurl's pussy and it says 
" this is the point of no return."
I've seen a caption that Seattle Jasmine has that is more true.
Grow your own breasts, that is the real point of no return.
You can take it up the ass, and go about your regular business 
and no one would know any different.
But grow some boobs and the world will take notice. 
So lets get some boobs for our bras. 
You know you want to.

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