Monday, February 23, 2015

Boys can be very cute

Still can't help it

Steve's girlfriend loved to change him into a girl and dress him up, and he didn't mind it either. Tonight she asked her friends over to play.  Ron was enthralled with all the attention.  Even though he had nice breasts, he couldn't help but admire one of the other girl's cleavage.

Oh yes, there it is.

Ron was a life time member of bikini beach. He arranged his vacations so he could spend all his vacation time there. This was his third year, and even though he changed to a woman when he went into the water, he always wanted to check to make sure the transition was complete.  He had made plans to use this new body as soon as he could, and he had to make sure a very important part was there.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let's put an end to war and let every one have the inner peace that they seem to be seeking..

Be a girl and be yourself.

I suppose I have posted this before.

I think this is so sexy.
The look on the woman's face.
Can't wait till they are available in the US

Can't wait for the Superbowl commercial for them.

Trying to look like there was nothing going on.

Ron was under strict rules. You will be dressed as a girl at all times. If a guy asks you for something you will do your best to do what he asks. His girl friend's other boyfriend, Mike, had come over and he and Ron had started to make out and Ron was just getting to take Mike's pants down when they heard the door open and Jennifer called out that she was home. They didn't fool Jennifer about what they had been doing.

I think it wouldn't be an end game, but the begining of something else.

So glad my friend accepts me.

I had been dressing for some time when my best friend came over unexpectedly while I was dressed. He didn't bat an eye and just asked me if I wanted to go get something to eat. We went out (with me dressed) and it was just like a date.
Since then he has asked me out a few times and once we went to a bar and danced together.  He has  really nice about me liking to dress and accepting of me whether I was dressed or not. Now it doesn't matter if I'm dressed or not he still likes to spend time with me.  I admit I enjoy it too.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Just the right moves

Ron's sister was in the fashion industry.  She knew that Ron loved to dress so much that he would be her model once in a while when she was creating a dress. She was also a witch and could make Ron into any woman she or he desired. She needed him to help model bikinis,as one of the booked models had come down sick.  She was concerned that he didn't have the right moves for the runway, where she really needed him.
He convinced her that he did.

You're not who I expected.

Ron sat on the bed. His sisters best friend had suspected her husband was cheating on her. They had come up with the idea that Ron could substitute for the woman that they  both suspected was having the affair. They had seen her husbands, Dave, car in front of the house a few times.  They knew Ron wouldn't mind being changed into a girl, and put into the situation of having to screw a guy, were they were pissed off at the guy.  They knew Ron loved to dress and had one time when they were drinking confessed that he thought it would be fun to have sex as a woman.
That was before he found out his sisters friend was a witch.  So now the trap was set. He was the bait (much to his pleasure).  They had convinced the woman to go to a party and they would keep her there while Ron caught him with his pants down, so to speak. Ron  heard the car door close and looked out and saw the car, that he was told that would show up. He sat on the bed in his bra and panties, He heard the door open and close, heard the foot steps up the stairs, saw the door open.
He was shocked to see his best friend and not the person that he thought was coming.
"Steve, You're here ?"
"Yeah, Babe. couldn't wait to have out afternoon together."
"But who's car are you driving?"
"Oh Dave's. He lets me borrow his. My old piece of junk just wouldn't fit in here."
He approached the bed taking off his clothes.
Ron thought," So now I get to find out how it feels," as a smile crept over his face.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My first modeling job.

My girl friend asked me to help her in a fashion show. I didn't know it would involve wearing a dress.
But when I found out. I wished I was able to wear a different one.

I like this outfit too.

I just wish my figure was a little more curvy.

My Dress for the winter ball

I have had this fantasy that a guy that knows me asks me to a winter ball.  He knows me and has run into me at a bar when I was dressed. He asks me out to the ball and this is the dress that I wear.

I think it is very pretty, but sometimes I think something a little more simple would be better.
But then I remember it's a fantasy. Isn't it?