Monday, February 9, 2015

You're not who I expected.

Ron sat on the bed. His sisters best friend had suspected her husband was cheating on her. They had come up with the idea that Ron could substitute for the woman that they  both suspected was having the affair. They had seen her husbands, Dave, car in front of the house a few times.  They knew Ron wouldn't mind being changed into a girl, and put into the situation of having to screw a guy, were they were pissed off at the guy.  They knew Ron loved to dress and had one time when they were drinking confessed that he thought it would be fun to have sex as a woman.
That was before he found out his sisters friend was a witch.  So now the trap was set. He was the bait (much to his pleasure).  They had convinced the woman to go to a party and they would keep her there while Ron caught him with his pants down, so to speak. Ron  heard the car door close and looked out and saw the car, that he was told that would show up. He sat on the bed in his bra and panties, He heard the door open and close, heard the foot steps up the stairs, saw the door open.
He was shocked to see his best friend and not the person that he thought was coming.
"Steve, You're here ?"
"Yeah, Babe. couldn't wait to have out afternoon together."
"But who's car are you driving?"
"Oh Dave's. He lets me borrow his. My old piece of junk just wouldn't fit in here."
He approached the bed taking off his clothes.
Ron thought," So now I get to find out how it feels," as a smile crept over his face.

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