Sunday, May 24, 2015

I can't beleive that they are giving me so many points.

Ron's girl friend said she would help him in his feminization. but he had to do exactly as she said.
He followed her instructions exactly. He even had to show up at this beauty pageant, to "show off", as his girl friend said.  He couldn't understand what the man in at the podium was saying. He sounded like an auctioneer. 
"What was that,?  Sold, did he just hear the word sold to the gentleman in the tuxedo?"
That is odd for a beauty pageant.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shaving is so fun..

Well, yes I do, or should I say did.  I shaved all the way up. As I heard a girl say on a Televison comedy show last week.  Love how my skin gets so smooth. Gets rid of all that gross hair.

 Put lotion on. Then love how my legs seem to glow. (wish these were mine)
They feel so soft. Love to caress them.  Love to have them caressed.

This is how I wish I looked when I shaved.
                                       Then it feels so wonderful to put on a bra and panties.
I am ordering this to wear.
And maybe these. I am a sucker for pink and black.
It is so fun to play dress up.


Monday, May 11, 2015

These are some outfits that I would love to wear.

These are just a few Outfits I like.
This would be so great to wear to Prom.

This one would be fantastic also.
This for game night at home.
This one because I would just love to look like her.
She is the girl I want to be like.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Ron, what have you been doing ?

Ron, I thought I told you not to use that new make up I bought, that it had some side effects that
did more than just give you a sultry look.  At least you got a bra and panties that make the side effects
look more natural  

I thought these heels would be too high for me.

At first I had a lot of problems walking in these new heels. I have kept practicing and now I don't fall nearly as much.

I just love this bra and pantie set.