Friday, June 27, 2014


Steve looked over at his girl friend. He was pissed.
He knew some of the things she did to him when she hypnotized him.
He woke up in bras and panties and had been pretty embarrassed by some of the things she did.
Especially after seeing the pictures.
This time she woke him up before he was done and she had given him a post hypnotic suggestion that
he had to finish what he started.
So here he was blowing someone he knew and he couldn't stop. The rage seemed to consume him, as he looked at his girl friend who smiled at him and took another picture.

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wishes I wish tonight.

I wish I had the eyes and hair and face and lips of this girl.
I wish that I could have breasts like these.

I wish I might have a butt like this.
Then I might be able to wear something like this.
Then look out men.

And why no tan lines ?

"Oh crap. You changed me again didn't you ?"
"Oh my sweet Rhonda. What makes you think that ?"
"Oh don't give me that crap Meg.  You've changed me enough that I can tell when I start to wake up.
I still have that drunk feeling. You should see if you could change me so when I come to, I don't feel drunk."
"Sorry sweety, I can't do the spell and not have that side effect."
"So where are we now ? Why didn't you at least let me be decently dressed so my boobs weren't "showing?"
"Oh Rhonda, I thought you might like to experience a clothing optional resort."
"Well look closer sweety. you don't have any tan lines. I didn't want you to stand out from every one else. It will look like we've been here awhile."
"Crap. Okay."
"So, you starting to feel better? We need to go and check out those big hunks next door, and I mean big."
"Really, Big? Where ?"

Okay. I'll try.

Every one told Ron that he was naïve.
All his friends told him he was gullible.
They tried to warn him about his new girl fiend.
He told them that she really liked him.
She always told him she loved it when he did what she asked.
He thought he was just being nice to her and sharing things.
He thought it odd at first when she asked him to put on her panties.
He thought it was no big deal.
Things escalated after that. Bras, stockings, make up, wigs, garter belts. and heels.
He thought it was funny that she wanted him to wear all this.
She asked if she could take pictures.
Sure. Why not. No one would recognize me any way.
She turned the music on really load.
Ok. I'll pose on my hands and knees. Sorry, I didn't hear you.
You said I suck what? 
Funny it sounded like you said I'll suck cock.
Did you say I suck at posing?
Okay. I'll try harder.

Boy's wear blue right ?

Ron  loved to go to the beach.
Lately he noticed that there were more guys there and they all seemed to flirt with him.
This embarrassed him, as he thought they should be able to tell that he was a boy.
After all he did have on a blue bikini.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Feminization Hypnosis....

Ron laid in bed. He had just hit the snooze button. He had a wonderful nights sleep.
He had gotten into this habit of going to sleep and listening to a feminization hypnosis recording.
It really helped him relax and he felt that he slept better.
Dozing a little yet.
He could still hear her voice.
Jessssica. No his name was Ron, no it was Rhonda. He was a little confused.
She called him Jessica. He called himself  Rhonda when he dressed.
Jessssica.  Come here darling. Come to your Mistress. Come down to me.
He loved her voice.  He always wanted to hear her talk to him.  He always came back to her voice.
To hear those words she said to him.
Deeeper... Deeeper.  
Sugar.  That was the word that really took him. He had to obey when she said that word.
She said she would make him feminine.  He felt like she did.
She said she would make him have huge breasts on his chest.
That his breasts and nipples would be so sensitive and tingle all the time he heard any little sound.
His nipples had become so sensitive hat he felt like they would drive him crazy at times.
He used to wear a bra to bed because he liked how it felt.
Now he had to, because his breasts were so sensitive, that they tingled with just his t-shirt rubbing against them. The bra helped so he didn't feel he was being turned on so much because of his  clothing rubbing against his sensitive nipples.

His sensitive nipples turned him on. Mistress said it turned her on too.
She told him he would have huge breasts on his chest.  He was a nurse. He knew the power of hypnosis. He didn't think he could grow breasts just because of hypnosis. He was confused. He usually wore a 36 B and filled it. Now he even thought he may have to move up to a C cup.
He needed to get up and go to work.
He had to get out of these panties. She made him cum in them. He wasn't supposed to. He didn't have permission. But she played with his beautiful little pussy and he came.  God it was wonderful.  It just kept going and going. He just couldn't take them off last night. He thought of it as a wonderful reminder of what she did to him last night. He hoped she wouldn't be upset at him for cuming with out permission. He didn't want to upset her. He thought she was so wonderful. He would do anything for her.
He got up showered and fixed his hair and makeup and started to get dressed. He remembered that he worked in an Emergency Room. Oh crap. He couldn't wear the white blouse, especially with a black bra underneath. What would the girls at work say?

  I wish I didn't have to wear scrubs. I wish I could wear that cute pink skirt and black sweater that Nicole from administration wore when she came to our meeting. She looked so good in those black tights too. and those up to the knee black boots. I asked her if I could borrow them and try them on. She said it would be awkward with her husband home. Damn I could fit it that skirt.
Well tonight I can hear mistress again and she will help me.

I've seen hypnosis done before. I've seen a girl think that her belly button had disappeared, and get in a fight to get it back.  I can see that I think I'm getting boobs.
But am I seeing them from a perception (that I think I am getting them)  or am I really  getting some nice little boobs. And yes I do fill a 36 B. 
Believe me, they are sensitive.  Just like mistress says they will be.
So give her a try. I am very happy.
Do you want to see me do the shimmy again?

So you see why I'm upset ?

Ron's girl friend was a research scientist at Kaarenwood University.
Ron had gone in to visit her and to have lunch.
Things were set out and he had thought the beaker was just some lemonaid that she had made.
After he had drunk it Meg started to  panic. She told him that the contents was a formula that they were working on that changed the genetic make up. She was not sure what it would do as they hadn't even started animal testing.
He started to feel ill and because of this they left and he stayed in his girlfriends apartment.
Over the course of a week, it was obvious that he was undergoing some changes. He was in the shower, when his body hair seemed to fall out all at once. His nipples got to be a little sensitive too. He started to develop breasts. His hair started to grow at an accelerated rate.  His girl friend noticed that his cock was shorter. But more concerning to Ron was that he couldn't get it up any more. He looked in the mirror once and realized that he was becoming a very attractive female.
As time passed he started to wear his girl friends clothes. The ill feeling that he had disappeared.
He lost his cock but had a beautiful little pussy. He was getting comfortable with the changes.
In the meantime his girlfriend had started to see if there were any thing that could be done to stop and possibly reverse the process.
He wore his girl friends clothes all the time.  They made some trips to the mall and got him his own clothes.  They went out a couple of times. They went to a club and he even danced with a guy. Even a slow dance. He enjoyed it more that he thought he would.
Ron, started to venture out of the apartment on his own. He ran into the guy that he dance with.  He thought the guy was nice looking  He asked her to lunch.
They had lunch, and dinner and did other things together. All while his girl friend worked to find a cure.  Finally it happened. they found out how to changed him back.
She came home excited and told him.

"Rhonda. You seem upset. I thought you would be happy."
"Well if you had found it a month or two ago I would be very happy. But, so much has happened."
" Like what?  You've been here most of the time while I'm at work, except for our excursions to the mall. and clubbing those two or three times. You don't have any ID so where could you go? What could you do?"
"Well I've been out. I couldn't stay cooped up here forever."
" I can understand that.  Is there anything else.  Is there something that I don't know. Something you're not telling me?"
"Yeah.  I think I want to stay a girl. In fact I am pretty sure of it."
"Really? You didn't like it a bit when you were first changing."
"Yeah, but things happen and I changed my mind.  Okay?
"What happened?"
" I don't want to tell you. You'll get upset."
"Upset? what happened?
"Well. Remember that guy I met that one time when we went dancing."
"Yeah, He was so nice and really hot."
"Well him and I have been seeing each other."
"Yeah and we've had sex a few times."
"Yeah. and oh god it was so great. I don't want to stop having sex like that. So many orgasms.
one after another after another.  It feels incredible.  So you see why I'm upset that I wouldn't be able to keep having them."
"Yeah, I understand."

You may end up with even less

"Time to wake up Rhonda."
"What ? Huh.. where am I ?"
"You're here with me."
"Oh. You changed me didn't you?"
"Yes. besides the obvious, how can you tell?"
"I feel like I'm just a little drunk. My head is a little whoozy. I feel like I am a wet rag."
"Oh that. That will pass. You should start to feel better, and in an hour start to feel like yourself again."
"I'm usually a guy. How can I feel like myself when there are, as you said these obvious changes."
"You didn't complain the last time I changed you."
"Yeah, well that was different. I was drunk. In fact I don't remember much of that night."
"Yes, you were. but as I remember you had a pretty good time."
"Yeah, you showed me the pictures."
"So you want to go out clubbing again as Rhonda?  That's the name you chose last time."
"Oh, let me think. Can I borrow your blue dress? "
"Okay. why?"
"Well, the pictures you showed me from the last time I ended out of that dress. I'd at least like  my bra and panties to match it if end up out of them again."
"Oh I'm sure you will. You may end up with even less on."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

And more ?

Hi, It's getting late.  I mean we should go, if we are going to do anything.
You know as well as I do that even though it is 10:00 I will have you wearing a bra and panties and hose and a dress and heels by midnight.
And by morning you will be wishing I would do so much more to you.

Good times or what ?

This looks like it could be the beginning of a great time. (putting on your bra)
or the end of a good time and having to put on boy clothes and go to work.

Cast Away.

Ron had been a crew member on one of the race around the world sailboats until he was swept over board.  They were ahead of a few boats when they got into a typhoon close to the Philippine islands.
His captain and crew tried to rescue him but when they started to approach a reef, they had to let him go. He was in his life vest and had the radio GPS on. He pulled it out of it's pocket to activate it, when he was hit by a wave and away it went.
He ended up on an island.  He found the island to have a plentiful supply of food, and he was able to stay alive. He began to loose weight and thought this was because he wasn't able to eat enough to maintain his weight. He soon noticed he was getting shorter as well and his hair was growing faster than it usually did.  Not long after that he realized he was too small for they clothing he had. He also found that he was growing breasts and his cock seemed to have disappeared.
He found a shelter after a couple of weeks. By then his crew members would never have recognized him, but they would have certainly noticed him.
He started to wear the clothing that he found in the shelter, though they were just bikinis. He wondered why they seemed to fit him so well.
One day while sitting in the shelter, he noticed a large flat stone that was overgrown with brush that had some odd writing on it. He spent a day clearing the brush off. Though he couldn't read the writing he had the odd feeling that he knew what it said. "You are on an enchanted Island"
"Find the Brasileirinha and you will be able to escape the magic of the island and be transformed to your previous image. Leave without the Brasileirinha and you will continue in your transformed image."
He searched for weeks walking the coast of the island and finally he found it.
As he walked out to it he thought " Am I going to be strong enough to put a hole in this thing and sink it? There is no way that I'm going to change back to a guy just to get off this island."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's only 3 blocks

"Hey. Ron.  Ehrrr I mean Rhonda. I seem to always forget to call you that when you are dressed. Sweety, why don't you go get us some wine?"
"Uhmm , really ? when I'm dressed like this ?"
"Yes. I think it would be a good experience. You said you wanted to start stretching your experiences."
"Well, okay.  Where are the car keys ?"
"Car keys ? Why can't you walk? it's only 3 blocks."
"Jenn, we don't live in a great part of town. That liquor store is not a safe place to go. There are pimps and prostitutes there. I've even hear that 3 woman have been abducted there. Turned into meth addicts and became prostitutes."
"Yeah I heard that too. But one of the women was able to break her habit and go back to her regular life."
"Just one?"
"Well, she had a lot of support."
"You still want me to go to that one."
"Yeah, I think it would be a good experience for you. Besides, you look like you're getting excited just thinking about it."

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rhonda's modeling job

Ron finally got a job as a model. He had been trying for some time.
here is a picture of him from a shoot.
He's the one with his shirt on. 
I don't need to tell you he likes his job.