Friday, June 27, 2014

And why no tan lines ?

"Oh crap. You changed me again didn't you ?"
"Oh my sweet Rhonda. What makes you think that ?"
"Oh don't give me that crap Meg.  You've changed me enough that I can tell when I start to wake up.
I still have that drunk feeling. You should see if you could change me so when I come to, I don't feel drunk."
"Sorry sweety, I can't do the spell and not have that side effect."
"So where are we now ? Why didn't you at least let me be decently dressed so my boobs weren't "showing?"
"Oh Rhonda, I thought you might like to experience a clothing optional resort."
"Well look closer sweety. you don't have any tan lines. I didn't want you to stand out from every one else. It will look like we've been here awhile."
"Crap. Okay."
"So, you starting to feel better? We need to go and check out those big hunks next door, and I mean big."
"Really, Big? Where ?"

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