Friday, June 27, 2014

Okay. I'll try.

Every one told Ron that he was naïve.
All his friends told him he was gullible.
They tried to warn him about his new girl fiend.
He told them that she really liked him.
She always told him she loved it when he did what she asked.
He thought he was just being nice to her and sharing things.
He thought it odd at first when she asked him to put on her panties.
He thought it was no big deal.
Things escalated after that. Bras, stockings, make up, wigs, garter belts. and heels.
He thought it was funny that she wanted him to wear all this.
She asked if she could take pictures.
Sure. Why not. No one would recognize me any way.
She turned the music on really load.
Ok. I'll pose on my hands and knees. Sorry, I didn't hear you.
You said I suck what? 
Funny it sounded like you said I'll suck cock.
Did you say I suck at posing?
Okay. I'll try harder.

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