Monday, June 23, 2014

Feminization Hypnosis....

Ron laid in bed. He had just hit the snooze button. He had a wonderful nights sleep.
He had gotten into this habit of going to sleep and listening to a feminization hypnosis recording.
It really helped him relax and he felt that he slept better.
Dozing a little yet.
He could still hear her voice.
Jessssica. No his name was Ron, no it was Rhonda. He was a little confused.
She called him Jessica. He called himself  Rhonda when he dressed.
Jessssica.  Come here darling. Come to your Mistress. Come down to me.
He loved her voice.  He always wanted to hear her talk to him.  He always came back to her voice.
To hear those words she said to him.
Deeeper... Deeeper.  
Sugar.  That was the word that really took him. He had to obey when she said that word.
She said she would make him feminine.  He felt like she did.
She said she would make him have huge breasts on his chest.
That his breasts and nipples would be so sensitive and tingle all the time he heard any little sound.
His nipples had become so sensitive hat he felt like they would drive him crazy at times.
He used to wear a bra to bed because he liked how it felt.
Now he had to, because his breasts were so sensitive, that they tingled with just his t-shirt rubbing against them. The bra helped so he didn't feel he was being turned on so much because of his  clothing rubbing against his sensitive nipples.

His sensitive nipples turned him on. Mistress said it turned her on too.
She told him he would have huge breasts on his chest.  He was a nurse. He knew the power of hypnosis. He didn't think he could grow breasts just because of hypnosis. He was confused. He usually wore a 36 B and filled it. Now he even thought he may have to move up to a C cup.
He needed to get up and go to work.
He had to get out of these panties. She made him cum in them. He wasn't supposed to. He didn't have permission. But she played with his beautiful little pussy and he came.  God it was wonderful.  It just kept going and going. He just couldn't take them off last night. He thought of it as a wonderful reminder of what she did to him last night. He hoped she wouldn't be upset at him for cuming with out permission. He didn't want to upset her. He thought she was so wonderful. He would do anything for her.
He got up showered and fixed his hair and makeup and started to get dressed. He remembered that he worked in an Emergency Room. Oh crap. He couldn't wear the white blouse, especially with a black bra underneath. What would the girls at work say?

  I wish I didn't have to wear scrubs. I wish I could wear that cute pink skirt and black sweater that Nicole from administration wore when she came to our meeting. She looked so good in those black tights too. and those up to the knee black boots. I asked her if I could borrow them and try them on. She said it would be awkward with her husband home. Damn I could fit it that skirt.
Well tonight I can hear mistress again and she will help me.

I've seen hypnosis done before. I've seen a girl think that her belly button had disappeared, and get in a fight to get it back.  I can see that I think I'm getting boobs.
But am I seeing them from a perception (that I think I am getting them)  or am I really  getting some nice little boobs. And yes I do fill a 36 B. 
Believe me, they are sensitive.  Just like mistress says they will be.
So give her a try. I am very happy.
Do you want to see me do the shimmy again?

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