Friday, November 28, 2014

Yes I do Love dressing up.

I think they make every one feel like a princess.

Isn't Hypnotic Feminization great.

Ron had been listening to the MP3 recording that he always did, but felt that he was put farther intp a  trance than he had in the past. When he awoke his sister was there, asking him if he was okay, and why did he have a dress and hose and heels on. He looked at her and said. "Why are you calling me Ron, my name is Jessica, can't you tell from looking at me that I'm a girl?"

I might be fum.

Ron was so embarrassed. His sister had helped him dress up and look passable but didn't tell him that her  boyfriend and his best friend were coming over to pick them up and go to the dance. He hadn't danced in a dress before and certainly not a heels.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Love this Cap ..

I wish I could remember who's blog I copied it from. I would give them credit.
Thank you.  You know who you are...

This is an interesting feeling.

Ron was used to being changed into a woman.  He just wasn't used to being exposed like he was now, having to dance in front of his sisters boy friend and his friends.  But right now he thought it was an odd pleasurable feeling the way the pole rubbed between his cheeks, and wondered how he could make that feeling last.

I suppose I am. But I also would just like to be a girl.

Do you have to be a sissy first ?
I just wish I looked this good.

Have to do something about his little clitty.

Ron's girl friend loved to dress him up and make him go out with her.
This was the first time he went to the beach with her dressed up.
It made him so excited.
Too excited in fact. 
He thought it was terribly embarrassing.
His girl friend thought it was cute.
He couldn't even sit straight without his little bulge showing.
Standing up was out of the question.

Well it is Monday ...

Love this dress.

A virgin sacrifice ?

Ron went as a nurse on the relief mission to South America. He had been told to stay on the compound as there was a rumor that there was a tribe that practiced human sacrifice. He had been there for 2 months when he heard that it involved just women, but didn't understand that some men had been captured, but later released. They told the tell of being wrapped in a white robe and then chained to a large stone pillar. When the sun came up they were released.   He was an avid hiker and photographer and thought that if he did get captured they would soon release him.  Needless to say he was captured, wrapped in the white robe that he thought felt like one of the dresses he wore at home. He was chained to the stone pillar overnight. He woke up to the morning sun warming him.
As he awoke and looked down at his changed form, he realized that he might not have to worry about his virgin status for very long.  At least he hoped.

You've wore heels before, haven't you ?

Ron at down on the steps and looked at his girl friend, " Janet, I can't walk any more, my feet are killing me."
She replied, "Well what do you expect?  You asked me to make you up to look like a sexy girl and then you wanted to go to the mall. You know how big the mall is. We've almost  gone through the entire mall, all four floors and finally your feet are hurting.  I think you've walked in heels before. Haven't you?"

Had to post this, as this is how I feel.

Just wish I looked like this.

I wish I was born a girl, then this wouldn't take as long.

Ron struggled to put on the bustier. His girl friend had just cast a spell on him and told him what to wear.  She asked him if he needed any help, but he was so happy about being a girl that he said no.
Little did he know that wearing something over his new breasts would take a little longer to learn to put on than 10 minutes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hope the effect stays.

Ron tried on the magic Hot thong. The add said it would change how your butt looked.  He found out it changed more than that. He just wished that the effect would be permanent and not go away when he took them off.

This is my wish..

Where is he ?

Where is she going?

Ron watched as his girl friend drove by again, waving. She told him he had to walk the five blocks in the busiest part of town, before she would pick him up.  He was supposed to meet her, but she just drove by and waved to go down to the next corner.

How's yours ?

"See look. It's not there any more. 
This is going to be so great. 
I can't wait to try this one out . How about you?
 You going to try yours out too?"

Aren't we all looking for that guy.

I didn't think it would do that.

Ron had heard that sometimes smoking weed would make men develop breasts.  But even when that happened  he thought it would still be okay.  Other wise they wouldn't make it legal. Right ?


Ron said he would go along with his girl friends transformation. She said she would change him and her look. "What could you do with just make up and a wig", He thought.  Now that he looked in the mirror, he was unsure which of the girls was him.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Did I forget ?

Ron's girl friend told him to get dressed up and she would meet him downtown. He put on every thing that she told him to. She was very strict about that.  As he sat waiting for her he couldn't help thinking did she purposely not tell him to wear a skirt, so she could humiliate him, which he knew she would do.  Or did he just forget.. If he did, what kind of trouble would he be in?

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Ron loved to listen to hypnotic feminization recordings.  When he was dressed he was more susceptible to going into trance and sometimes even if he just heard to words on the radio he would collapse into a trance. 

But it never stopped him from listening.

Aren't Nipples Fun

Ron had always loved playing with his nipples.
Now that he was a girl, it was even more fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

What is he doing here?

Ron was trying a dating service. He was suppose to meet his date tonight. His dates profile was
what he thought was his ideal man.. They had a lot of the same interests, liked to do the same things.
Ron tried to hide his face as he saw his best friend walk into the door. It started to make sense to him
though,  maybe it was his best friend, Steve. Maybe he was the one. His friend started to walk towards him, "Rhonda, is that you?"

Hot tubs make you feel so good.

All Ron's friends said," Get into the hot tub,  It will make you feel great.
You'll feel like a different person."
They were so right.