Monday, November 24, 2014

A virgin sacrifice ?

Ron went as a nurse on the relief mission to South America. He had been told to stay on the compound as there was a rumor that there was a tribe that practiced human sacrifice. He had been there for 2 months when he heard that it involved just women, but didn't understand that some men had been captured, but later released. They told the tell of being wrapped in a white robe and then chained to a large stone pillar. When the sun came up they were released.   He was an avid hiker and photographer and thought that if he did get captured they would soon release him.  Needless to say he was captured, wrapped in the white robe that he thought felt like one of the dresses he wore at home. He was chained to the stone pillar overnight. He woke up to the morning sun warming him.
As he awoke and looked down at his changed form, he realized that he might not have to worry about his virgin status for very long.  At least he hoped.

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