Friday, December 19, 2014

So it's Christmas... I hope you get what you wish for

Let have a dress up party ..

Where is the mistle toe?

and somehing else I want for Christmas

Oh my..

I thought this is how every one ate a banana.

My girl friend always teased me about how I ate a banana, saying I made it look like a sensual experience. I thought this is how I always ate a banana. Doesn't every one

I just love playing video games

I play this game that you have to go through and answer a bunch of personality questions and then the program assigns you an avatar.  I thought it went well with who I am, so I never thought about it. I had friends over one night and they all asked who the girls was. When I told them it was me, they started to treat me a lot differently. I think that is funny because it is how I always thought of my self.

A re-blog and declaration

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What the fall brings

It was fall and it was the time of year that I loved.  College was back in session again, and there were a lot of young people around.  The bars started to have live music again, and I could start dressing  and going out. I have been dressing since I was twelve.  I dress at home all the time, but have never went out fully dressed.  But in the fall I could put on a bra and panties and stockings and wear a bulky sweatshirt, jeans  over every thing and no one would notice. So it was one of those nights. I showered and shampooed my hair. I used a fragrant one that made my hair smell nice, that I saved for these occasions. I had long hair, that I usually pulled back in a pony tail. It was my aspiration to be a full time rock star and I always wanted to look the part.  But just never connected with the right people. I shaved all over. It usually never took me long for this as I was pretty hairless most of the time any way. I tucked and taped my little clitty up so it was out of the way.  I really like to be flat up front, if you know what I mean. I put on my matching baby blue satin bra and panties.

 I had some white panty hose and put them on and then found a loose pair of pants and a bulky sweat shirt. I looked at some socks, thought for a while. No just a pair of tennis shoes, live risky, not care if some one saw my ankles in stockings. Yeah, right I just didn't have the confidence to go out fully dressed. In fact I think I only saw one guy do that here, and that was on Halloween.  Wish I had that confidence.  It was dark and I wasn't that far from down town, so I just  walked. I wasn't 21 yet, so I couldn't really drink legally, but I could get in and then some one would buy me a beer or a drink. Then walk home at the end of the night.
I got to the bar and the place was hopping already. I got my red wrist band at the door.( I was under age, it was green if you were over 21). Most of the tables were filled already so I found my little space by the wall to watch the band, and all the people. I ran into a classmate and she bought me a vodka seven, I thanked her and she just disappeared.  The Band had started and it was a great blues band.  It wasn't long before the dance floor was packed. I stood against the wall and started to get into the music. The band played for a while and then took a break. I stood there people watching, when this women that was just stunning walked by to go to the bathroom. She smiled at me and said"Hi."  That really doesn't happen to me ever.
  Most of the time I feel like I'm invisible and no one notices me. She walked by again and smiled at me and said "Nice night, isn't it?"  "Yes, lovely", I said.  She seemed to do a double take, then went and sat down with who I presume was her boyfriend. She said something to him, and I guess it was about me as he turned and looked at me then shrugged his shoulders. She was stunning, She looked to be in her mid  30's. Blonde hair down to below her shoulders. White blouse, buttoned in the front with the buttons open upward just between her breasts, with a display of some very nice cleavage. Black slacks and black heels. She made me sigh. Always wish I could look like that.
The band started again and I couldn't help but move to the music by myself in my little corner. All of a sudden there she was standing in front of me.
"You want to dance?, she asked.
"Who me ?"
"Yes, you."
"Uhmmm." I felt like a deer in headlights. I froze. Seeing her close was incredible. She was taller than me. I was 5 foot 6 and she had to be 5foot 8 or 9. then I remembered she was in heels.
She finally just took my hand and pulled me out to the dance floor. I tried to not make a fool of myself and look cool, but I think she saw through me. As she had this funny smile on her face.
We danced 3 fast songs and a slow song came on and I started to walk off, when she grabbed my hand again, and said, " not so fast."
"Oh,  Okay."
She held her hands up and I took one of them.and she stepped close. then getting a big smile on her face." You want me to lead?"
"Uhhhhm. I suppose, I don't dance very often."
"Okay. But if I lead you have to follow me till I say we are done. Got that?"
" Uhhm, yeah."
We started dancing and she pulled me close and had her hand on my back. I could feel her fingers as she ran her hand up my back to my to my shoulder. She moved her hand  down, and then I could feel her hand on my bra. She stopped then just started to trace with her fingers all the straps of my bra.
She pulled away, with this big mischievous smile on her face. Then came close to me again. Then I could feel her start  to tuck my sweatshirt under my bra.
I whispered to her, "Please don't do that."
She pulled away, with this pouting look on her face. "Oh please. I just want to."
She must have seen that my face was red from embarrassment.
"Okay, but now you have to follow me till I release you."
"What ?"
"You are my slave. You are indentured to me. You have to do as I say.?"
" I don't think so," I started to pull away, but she had her arms around me and then worked her hands under my sweat shirt and was in the process of lifting it up to my shoulders when I stopped her and said, "Okay, you win."
She smiled, saying, " Say it."
"Say what ?"
"Say that you are my slave."
"I am your slave."
"Now Say. I am your slave and I will do what ever you tell me to do."
I took a deep breath, not knowing where this was going to take me, "I am your slave and will do what ever you tell me to do."
"Okay sweetie lets dance." She put her arms around me again and we danced some more.
"What's your name?" she asked.
"Oh nice name.  I'm going to call you," after a little pause," Stephanie though."
"Do you have to?"
"Well yes, of course. You like dressing up as a girl don't you? Do you have complete outfits at home? I would expect that you would.  If you ventured out to a club as you are it stands to reason that you have more girly things at home. So do you?"
"No." I lied.
"Oh come on now. I know better."
"Okay, Yes, I do."
"What? What do you have? "
"I have a few bras and pantie sets,  some dresses and a few skirts and tops. Some shoes and heels and a pair of boots."
"What's your favorite/"
I looked at her wondering how much I should tell her. " What the hell. I have a little black dress that I love to wear, I have some nice heels. Love that outfit."
"You ever wear it out.?"
"What? Me? No, I couldn't go that far. I would get beat up for sure."
"You should try it."
The band stopped and took a break. I stated walking towards my space by the wall when she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her and her boy friend's table.  She says, "Sit."Indicating opposite her. She sat on one side of her boy friend and me on the other. 
"Mark, this is Stephanie. Stephanie, this is Mark."
I could feel my face starting on fire. He looked at me and without even batting an eye, said," Hi Stephanie, How are you ?"
It really took me off guard. "Hi. I'm fine thanks. And you ?"
"Good," he says. "Nice night isn't it?"
"You like to dance?"
"Yes. I guess I do."
"Good I'm glad. Janet needs a girl to dance with."
What did he just say/ Did he call me a girl?, I thought.
Janet pushed something toward me on the table. It looked like a tiny little pill.
"Take it. It will help you relax."
 Janet looked at me, "Come on sweetie. You are mine. remember."
I looked at it cautiously.
"Oh hell, Stephanie, it's just a Xanax. Hell it's not going do anything more than relieve some of your tension that you have. Take it now."
Mark said, " You do not want to get on her bad side. You should do as she says. So Stephanie, what do you do?"
"Oh, I go to the University here in town."
"What are you taking up?"
"Uhmm nursing." Taking the pill in my hand.
"Oh really ! Janet is a nurse."
"Yeah sweety. So you should trust me."
"Yeah I guess so. Where do you work ?"
"I work for this agency that is a woman's health group. It's a private company. It's part of a company that Mark owns. Mark is a pharmacist turned businessman. He's very good at it."
"So that is where you get you Xanax from?", now putting the pill in my mouth and realizing it was melting in my mouth, not giving me a chance to spit it out if I changed my mind.
"No. this is mine, sometimes my life gets a little tense and I need this to settle the nerves. Admittedly it comes from Marks pharmacy."
"In what ways does it get intense? "
"Oh, women getting raped by some one that they thought of as a friend, and they seek my help and shelter because the guy is now tormenting her.I help the women and comfort themand try to get some protection for them."
Mark excused himself to go to the bathroom.
"Typically being a girl is fun, but sometimes there can be some waves in the calm sea. You should try it. You would make a very beautiful girl."
"Yeah, right." blushing.
"Honestly. You have the facial features for it. You just need some coaching, and a little push."
Mark came back and was just sitting down, when a fight started at one end of the bar.
Mark kept standing. Janet and I stood. I realized how big he was. I came up to just below his shoulder.
Mark," Oh Crap. Janet grab your purse, lets not get caught in this."
"You better come with us Stephanie, fights in here spread fast. Your don't want to end up in jail, especially with a name like Stephanie." He winked at me."
"And dressed like you are." said Janet.
We got outside and it had turned cold. Mark walked to the street and hailed a cab. Janet grabbed my hand, " You are coming with us." Not really giving me a chance not to.  The Xanax was starting to have an effect, which I thought was amazing that it would work that fast. I wasn't concerned at all about getting in a cab and going with two people that I just met and knew my most hidden secret.
Mark held the door open and Janet got in pulling me by my hand in after her.  Mark got in, told the cabbie the address, and the back seat soon was crowded. He put his arm over the back of the seat.  Before I knew it my head was nestled in the crook of his elbow, our hips and thighs touching.  Any other time I would have been really uncomfortable in this situation, but it didn't seem to faze me.
Janet looked at me, saw that my eyes were some what big  and gave me a reassuring smile.
She leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "Keep your hand to your self though. He is my husband."
I looked down and my hand was lying on Marks lower thigh.  I tried to move it but we were so packed together that there was not other place for it to be. Finally I crossed my arms over my chest.
Mark lean over and whispered in my ear,"It doesn't bother me, relax."
We kept talking, about their business, and how school was going and what classes I was taking, how I liked them, What I was going to do after school. It got me relaxing again and before I realized it I was leaning against Mark and my hand was on his lower thigh again.
The cab stopped and the driver announced that we were at their apartment.
We went in and I was taken back. It was actually a motel and they had an apartment in the motel.
The clerk at the reception desk said hello to Mark. He said good evening to Janet and  nodded, smiling at me.
We got in the elevator and went up to the 10th floor, Mark had to use a key to unlock the elevator.  We stepped off the elevator and into a long hall way and turned right and went down to the end of the hall passing a couple of doors to other apartments. Their's was on the end.  Mark unlocked the door and held it open for Janet and I.  I stepped in and was astonished by the view. It looked over the city with the river off to the right. It was night and all the city lights looked beautiful.
Mark said, "I have to make a phone call. Janet will give you a tour if you want."
Janet and Mark spoke briefly and I couldn't hear what they said.
She took me through the living room and a gorgeous kitchen area that was about the size of my apartment. then to what seemed like a media room for watching  movies. We went down a hall that had a few other rooms off to one side and ending with the master bedroom. Just gorgeous was all I could say about it. We started walking back and Janet told me to turn into one of the rooms. I stepped in and it looked like a cross between a store room and a dressing room. There was a set of mirrors above a counter and lots of make up. There was a closet that had a partially open sliding door that had lots of shelves and women's clothes.
Jante motioned to the stool and said have a seat.
I walked over and sat and looked out the window at the view. it was mostly of the river now.
She looked at me with a different kind of look and then said,"Strip."
"What?" I asked.
"No, I don't think so."
"Listen, Stephanie, If I have to say it one more time, you will regret it. Now strip."
She walked over to a drawer and pulled a thing that looked like a little pink flash light, walked over to me and pushed it against my arm.
"Ouch," I yelled.
"That was the lowest setting. I will turn it up if I have to use it again."
"What is it?"
"It's a purse size stun gun. looks like a tube of lip stick doesn't it ?"
I resigned myself and stood up and took off my sweat shirt and took off my shoes and then dropped my jeans. I was now standing in my bra and panties and pantie hose.
"Cute. I like the matching bra and panties. You should really wear a garter belt and stocking to be really sexy. Take the panty hose off."  She reached for my hair and said, "What can we do with this?" she pulled my scruffie out of my hair, and it fell to my shoulders.
"Oh we can do so much with this." She reached for a brush and started to brush it, moving it around.
Then, " Oh yes this is your look."
Before I knew what was happening she had sprayed some water in my hair and was starting to cut it.
"Wait, what are you doing?"
"I'm giving you a different hair style. One with your new look."
"No. I don't want that. What do you know about cutting hair? You're a nurse."
"Yes I am a nurse, or was a nurse. I'm a Nurse practioner now.  Before that I was a nurse and before that I was a cosmopologist. So yes I do know what I am doing. And you had better not question anything I ask or tell you to do. Do I make myself clear ?" getting ready to use the stun gun again on me.
"Yes, I guess so."
"Hmmmm. I think you should call me some endearing term. I would say Maam or Mistress, but that doesn't let you convey the endearment that you will have for me after we are done. It just doesn't tell me how thankful you are for all this. Well let me do my magic and think about it."
She resumed cutting my hair. She pulled it forward and cut, then to the sideand cut, then the back.
"There, now some curlers."
She put heated curlers in my hair, and I wondered where she got those.
I closed my eyes in resignation. I had watched her cut my hair and I knew that even with out the curlers, that my hair would never be mistaken for a masculine cut again.
She started to put make up on me, when she stopped.
She gave me a look. "Oh I'm getting ahead of myself. Lie down on that." she indication a padded long table that looked like it was for a massage.
I laid down on the table on my back
"Now take off your bra."
I reached around and unhooked it and placed it on another chair with my pantyhose, then went and laid down.I turned to see her pull out a syringe and a vial. She wiped it off with some alcohol and then then drew up some. Then took out another vial and did the same thing.
"Roll over on your stomach and pull your panties down a bit."
I did, I felt the coolness of the alcohol wipe on my butt then a sharp stab and then a pressure as she injected me. Then she did the same to the other cheek. "
"There, you can roll to your back now. Oh and that wasn't anything bad. One was Depolupron. It is something that they give prostate cancer patients.  It causes a chemical castration, gets rid of the effects of testosterone. The other was Estrace, and it is.."
I answered," a female hormone."
"Yes.  You have gotten that far in pharmacology now. Good to hear"
"Why, What ?"
"Why did you give me those shots?"
Well you will need them to get that look that you're after."
"I'm not after any look. I'm fine the way I am."
"Oh sure you are. I bet if we went back o your place and looked at your computer, we would see all of your visits to feminization websites and maybe a few sissy sites too.  Am I right?"
"No, dead wrong. " lying.
She looked at me knowing I was lying.
"Well.  It is a dream come true night for you. Roll back on your back. I did and watched her. She went to the closet and took out a couple of small boxes, set them on a table that was just above where my head was resting.  I heard her open both boxes and then she was laying something on my chest. I looked and realized they were breast forms.
"So what do you want to be, a B cup?" laying a breast form on my right side of my chest, "or a C cup", laying it on my left chest."
My eyes got real big, and she smiled at me. "You must want to have big girls, huh Stephanie?"
"No, no I don't."
"Oh really?  I thought all bois wanted to have big boobies?  It's the way that they become real girls. Bimbos at the same time."
"So which ? You have to make a chose."
"Okay I'll take the B cups."
"Good girl." She took off the B cup and placed the other C cup on my chest.
"I said I would take the B cup."
"Yes you did, but we girls are always at the mercy of mother nature, and we never get what we really want."
She removed them and set them on a stand next to me.
"Oh, I forgot I had these."
"So you may get your wish after all."
She reached into a closet and brought out another box, and took the other breast forms and placed them back into their box.
"These are your size B cup that you want, but the problem with them is that you may never want to take them off."

I looked at her. then closed my eyes in resignation.
She then started to scrub my chest with something that smelled like alcohol.
"These are a new product that we just got in. They are from a new company and they call  this their My Skin line of products. It has some interesting technology in it. She laid a breast on each side of my chest.. There, they are smaller than the other B cups, but I think you will like them a lot.
She made a small mark on each side of my chest after moving the forms, lifting them and looking under.
"They have sensors in them so when you walk and bounce you will feel them bouncing. When you are cold your nips will get firm, just like a real girls, and you will feel that too.  When you ger aroused they will get hard too. and if you are lucky enough when someone is caressing them they will arouse you to."
"Have you ever had your nipples sucked by a gentle man or a woman. One that is interested in giving you pleasure ?"
"Hmmm," I stammered.
She took on breast form off, and placed a small amount of a substance on the back of it then used a brush to spread it evenly around. Then very carfully she placed it on my chest. She pressed it down then pressed the edges.
"This is important, as it also has what they call a camillion technology, in that the seams will disappear and take on your skin tone. They will look and feel like your breasts."
She then attached the other breast form. I could start to feel some tingling in the first breast.
"Oh, wait a minute. we have to make sure that things don't move. It may take about another minute.
Which also reminds me. Lift up your butt."
I looked at her and said, "Why ?"
"Because I said so."
I did as she instructed, only to be surprised when she pulled off my panties. Now I was naked in front of this woman I had just met less than an hour ago. At one time in my life I would have looked forward to this.
"Spread your legs."
I did as I was told.
She took my "clitty" and lifted it, Looked at me, "I am so glad that you shave here." She then put a liguid on the bottom of my dick, then pushed my nuts up into my stomach and then pushed my dick down, doing a very good tuck. She held my clitty in place for a minute, then pulled up my panties.
"There. Now it won't fall out or get hard at an inappropriate time."
She looked at me for a second. She walked over to a dresser, then handed me my bra.
"You can put this back on."
She then proceeded to look through some bottles of nail polish.
"Do you like classic red?" Holding up the bottle.
"First your toe nails. Ill show you how on one foot, then you do the other foot. Okay?"
"Oh. I should have asked. You ever put on nail polish by yourself? Maybe you know how to do this already."
"No I haven't."
"Well an other first for tonight huh?"
She did all the toes on my right foot then handed the bottle to me. Here ya go hun,"
I took  and proceeded to paint the nails on my left foot.
"Oh sweety. You are a natural. sure you haven't done this before?"
I smiled at the encouragement,"Thanks, you're a good teacher."
She smiled at me. "Now your finger nails. this will be different. as we are going to glue on some nails first." she then proceeded to put a little layer of glue on my nails and then glued on an extension. "Here. You can do your other hand. I did them and she warned me to be careful and not to get them crooked.
She then painted the first hand and got done and I painted my left hand.
"There. Now they can dry."
I looked my hands and couldn't believe how extensions and some nail polish can transform you hands so easily.
'"Now sit down here and I will teach you how to put on make up."
She proceeded to tell me about skin tone and what color of foundation I should use. then applied it and then a powder, then brushed it out. some blush, then she did my eyes.
"You getting this?"
"Next time you have to do it on your own."
I thought, "Next time?"
"There we are done."
I looked at myself in the mirror, thought, "OMG, I am a girl." I smiled, I mean really smiled. It felt so good.
"Oh. I have to go to the bathroom? "
" You remember where it is? Down the hall on the right."
"Oh yes." I started to walk out, then realized that Mark was down the hall, "Can I have a robe or something?"
She grinned at me, " You're modest aren't you ?  No you can't."
I got sort of wide eyed, I'm sure. then went to the door and peaked down the hall. Didn't see Mark.
Started down the hall when I heard a little whistle and a "Cute tush Stephanie."
I walked into the bath room, turned on the light and shut the door. There was a full length mirror and there I was. I couldn't believe it was me. I turned and looked at my face from different angle. pulled my hair forward so it seemed to cover the top of my exposed breasts.  My breasts !!! Oh my. I touched them, and they felt like real breasts, and I could feel me touching them. I pulled the shoulder straps off and let the cups fall, and just caressed my own breasts for a minute, then I touched my nipples. I felt like there were little sparks of pleasure. I let out a sigh.
"Stephanie, come on.  Stop admiring your self, get out here."
"Oh crap."
I pulled my panties down and sat down. when I peed the urine washed over my ass hole.
I finished and had to wipe.
Got up and went out to the hall toward the room,  there was Mark and Janet standing next to the door.
Mark said,"Looking good Stephanie."
Janet was wearing a silver sequined dress that was mid thigh in length and had silver heels now.
I blushed.
"Come in here." Janet called.
"Here. Put this on." handing me a white  corset.

I took it and looked at her."I don't know how to put this on.
"Well that is what you are here for. Right ?  So you can learn how to be a girl.  Isn't it?  Isn't it?"
"Yes Maam. Surprised"
She frowned at me. "No not Maam, Not mistress. How about lover. Yes call me love or lover. It is such an enduring name. Every time you call me that, you are thanking me for helping you getting your life to go in a positive direction. Yes that will do wonderful."
"Look at the corset. See the hooks. They go in the front. The wider part is the bottom."
I looked and then moved it around my back so the strings were in the back and then begain hooking it together. I got it hooked together, and held it in place with my arms.
"Now reach behind your back and find the loose string loops. Hook your fingers in and pull outward.
Good girl. You are a natural. Now as you pull outward pull upward. Yes like that. Now pull out and downward. "
I could feel it tightening around me.
"Okay, now reach behind and feel the top loop and pull to tighten them, now to the next loops and keep pulling the loops to take out the slack. Work your way downward."
Now it was getting much tighter.
"Now the bottom loops and work your way up. Now take the long loops and pull them hard. and tie them in a bow in front of you."
I don't know how I did it, but I was able to do that. Yes it was tight now. I almost couldn't breath.
"Here." handing me some white stockings. "Put these on."
I sat down and first put all the garters through my panties, then started to bunch to hose up to slide up my leg.
She smiled at me, "You are such a girl. How could you ever stay a boy."
I didn't know what to say, but then my mouth just took off, "I know.  I hate being a boy, I love to dress as a girl. I feel so much more relaxed when I'm in a dress. I just don't have any confidence when I'm a boy. When I'm dressed I feel good in being a girl, I'm so afraid of going out as a girl. I wish I could, but I'm so scared."
"Well tonight is your night Cinderella."
"What ?"
She just smiled, "What ? You know how you are to address me."
"Oh. sorry. What love?"
"Well tonight we are going to get you to be comfortable as a girl. Is that Okay?
I was a little startled,"Uhmm, I guess so."
I put on the stockings and then attached them to the garters,  I stood and then realized that I had to tighten the ones in the back.
"Here. Put this on." she handed me a blue dress with sequins on the top of it.
"Wow. This is pretty."
"Yes but it will look so much better with you inside it."

I put it on, stepping into it and pulling it up. It was tight with a low neck line.  I reached around and zipped it up. It was snug, but not skin tight. I felt comfortable in it.
Janet then handed me some heels, they were navy blue with straps on the toes and about the heel and ankle. I sat down and put them on buckled the strap at the ankle.

She looked at me," You've walked in 3 inch heels before ?"
"Yes, love. I have a couple of pair at home and walk in them in my apartment all the time.  Mine aren't this pretty.
"Oh, and for the final touch." She walked over to a little box and said, "come here"
"I think these will work very well." Handing me a silver necklace that had a little heart on it, a pair of silver dangling ear rings, and then two rings.

"Wow, these are very pretty." I put the necklace around and clipped it in the front, after a short struggle, then moved the clip to the back. I had to take out my gold studs that I always wore, then put in my ear rings.  I then put on the rings. when ever I moved the earrings tickled my neck.
She smiled.
"Let's go."
She walked of out the room, and I followed her. We got to the living room and kitchen and Mark looked up from his computer.
He spoke to Janet." Almost done. I just need a photo."
"Oh. Take one now. Stephanie, come here dear. Stand here. We need to get a picture of you as the new girl that you are. Too bad we didn't get a before picture. Here Mark, take one of the two of us together.   Best girl friends."
I stood next to Janet and she put her arm around me and I forgot myself and put my arm around her, acting the part of a girl friend. Mark kept taking pictures and I couldn't stop smiling.
"Nice Steffi."
I smiled, "Thanks," Somewhat confused with how I answer him calling me Steffi.
"He has to give a picture to the front desk for their security."
"Oh." I said, seeming a little confused about that.
"Steffi. Come here into the kitchen. Help me
I went in and Janet was making a small pizza. "You are hungry aren't you?"
"Go to the cupboard and get the sauce, then the fridge and get the mozzarella cheese."
I got the sauce, then went to the fridge and looked and looked, checking out each shelf and the cubbies on the door. "I don't see any cheese."
"Really ?"She came over and looked as well. " I thought I got some the other day, maybe not. Oh well. Mark, take Steffi with you and go down to the deli and get some mozzarella cheese. I thought I had gotten some. But there isn't any in the fridge."
I thought I was going to have a panic attack.
"I can go.  I'm done here." Mark said finally. "I'll take Steffi with me. She probably doesn't know where it is."
Janet must have seen the panic in me eyes, "Yeah that would be good.  She could get used to getting out and do some more walking."
Mark came over by me and said, "Come on Steffi, it's not a big deal. Here carry this." He handed me a purse, that matched my dress.
I took it and noticed that he was already headed for the door. He stopped and turned to me, " You coming ?"
"Oh yeah"
I walked and he held the door for me then I slowed so that he could lead the way, He just came beside me and took my hand and moved it in such a subtle way that I ended up with my hand holding his arm. We got to the elevator and he pushed the button to call it.  We waited a minute. He looked at me and said," You look very nice Steffi. You should dress like this all the time."
I could feel my face get hot as I blushed, "Thank you."
The elevator finally stopped and we got on. As we were going down, it stopped and two big guys got on. They were staring at me. They made me nervous. Mark, I think sensed this and reached and put his arm around me. I leaned into him. The guys stopped staring at me, but I could sense that they were looking at me occasionally. We finally got to the lobby and started to walk down a long side hallway. There seemed to be so many more people there than there were an hour or so ago. "Where did all these people come from?"
"Oh some sort of conference.  They have them all the time here."
"Oh, really.  Doesn't  that get to be a little noisy and annoying ?"
" Not really, they seem to be quiet for the most part. Each person keeping to them selves. Some may get a little obnoxious. Married guy looking for a good time away from his wife.  Oh excuse me. I have to use the rest room."
And like that he was gone.  I went over to the wall and stood there waiting. I'm sure I looked like a working girl.  I got some looks from some guys and a couple of women as well.  I think I blushed. One guy came up to me and asked if I was going to back to the dance started to flirt.  That felt so strange, and yet  I kind of liked it.  I told him I was staying with friends and I didn't think we were.  Then Mark came to my rescue.
I took his arm and we walked on down the corridor and soon arrived and the Deli. Mark order the mozzarella and I wandered around the store. I heard my name, turned.
Mark had called my name, "Steffi come here I want you to meet Jacob. Jacob is one of the cooks here at the restaurant.  Jacob, meet Steffi, Steffi meet Jacob." Jacob reached his hand over the counter and I took it and we shook. I was nervous. He said, " nice to meet you."  and I smiled and said the same thing, then he said,  "Maybe I can cook dinner for you sometime."  I smiled and said, "that would be nice."
Thinking, " I will never be here again and probably never see you again, so why not." Then Mark popped my bubble and said, " She will be with us all week while her apartment is getting repaired. You can get a hold of her at our apartment. You have the number still?"
He moved a mouse on his computer and then said, " Yeah, got it."
I think I was showing the surprise on my face, but was trying to keep my cool. There was do many things happening and I didn't know what was happening to me.
Mark signed for the cheese and we headed up the corridor to the lobby and elevators. There was still the crowd and there seemed to be more people waiting for the elevator.  after what seemed like ages and having that feeling that i was getting checked out by every guy that was behind me, we finally got on with a crowd. Mark guided me to stand in front of him. pretty soon as a few more people got in I could feel myself being pressed against the front of him. I started to feel a firmness growing against my butt that was being pressed against his groin. This was getting to to be more than I could deal with. But there was something in me that was feeling good about this too. people moved and as they bumped into each other I took the opportunity to push a little more and wiggle a bit. I could tell it was working.  We finally got to out floor and started down the hall way.
 I was ahead of him when I felt this slap, as he spanked my tush. I jumped and squealed.  Mark just smiled at me. "You are playing the game very nicely Steffi."
We got to the apartment and gave Janet the cheese. She asked,"so how did your short little adventure go?"
"Good. I guess. I thought it would be much more scary than it was but, it was okay."
We sat down and visited some more till the pizza was ready and then started to eat and we seemed like we were terribly hunger as we didn't talk until we were done eating. I couldn't eat, as I found out that the corset really restricts what you can eat. I was still hungry as I helped Janet do the dishes.
Marked called from the living room," You ready to go?"
Janet replied," Just a minute. Let me start the dish washer."
"I'll call a cab then"
I asked Janet. "Where you going?"
"Oh.  Mark is part owner of this club and he has to go see how it is going tonight. We,( she seemed to emphasize the we) get the benefit of getting to go to and have free drinks. And tonight we are in luck as it is Ladies night."
"What club?"
I don't remember the exact name of the club, but I did remember friends going there for the strippers. They said they had an amazing amateur night.
Oh Shit, I thought to myself.

To be continued:

Monday, December 1, 2014

Perfect view

Ron looked towards his feet, and thought I will never get tired of this view.

Bad time to get drunk.

Ron loved to dress up. He thought his girlfriend would be away for the entire weekend. She wasn't suppose to be back till Sunday morning. He was going to have the whole weekend in femme.
It was Saturday night and he was sitting around enjoying his third martini when he heard her voice.  "Come down here, I have something to show you that I bought for you. Oh and you wouldn't believe who I ran into in front of the house. That guy Steve that I think is so hot."

Seems like every thing tastes like it.

Ron couldn't get over the fact that even though it had been last night that he gave a blow job to this guy he met. It seemed that everything he licked tasted like cum.  He wondered was it those feminization hypnosis recording again.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Yes I do Love dressing up.

I think they make every one feel like a princess.

Isn't Hypnotic Feminization great.

Ron had been listening to the MP3 recording that he always did, but felt that he was put farther intp a  trance than he had in the past. When he awoke his sister was there, asking him if he was okay, and why did he have a dress and hose and heels on. He looked at her and said. "Why are you calling me Ron, my name is Jessica, can't you tell from looking at me that I'm a girl?"

I might be fum.

Ron was so embarrassed. His sister had helped him dress up and look passable but didn't tell him that her  boyfriend and his best friend were coming over to pick them up and go to the dance. He hadn't danced in a dress before and certainly not a heels.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Love this Cap ..

I wish I could remember who's blog I copied it from. I would give them credit.
Thank you.  You know who you are...

This is an interesting feeling.

Ron was used to being changed into a woman.  He just wasn't used to being exposed like he was now, having to dance in front of his sisters boy friend and his friends.  But right now he thought it was an odd pleasurable feeling the way the pole rubbed between his cheeks, and wondered how he could make that feeling last.

I suppose I am. But I also would just like to be a girl.

Do you have to be a sissy first ?
I just wish I looked this good.

Have to do something about his little clitty.

Ron's girl friend loved to dress him up and make him go out with her.
This was the first time he went to the beach with her dressed up.
It made him so excited.
Too excited in fact. 
He thought it was terribly embarrassing.
His girl friend thought it was cute.
He couldn't even sit straight without his little bulge showing.
Standing up was out of the question.

Well it is Monday ...

Love this dress.

A virgin sacrifice ?

Ron went as a nurse on the relief mission to South America. He had been told to stay on the compound as there was a rumor that there was a tribe that practiced human sacrifice. He had been there for 2 months when he heard that it involved just women, but didn't understand that some men had been captured, but later released. They told the tell of being wrapped in a white robe and then chained to a large stone pillar. When the sun came up they were released.   He was an avid hiker and photographer and thought that if he did get captured they would soon release him.  Needless to say he was captured, wrapped in the white robe that he thought felt like one of the dresses he wore at home. He was chained to the stone pillar overnight. He woke up to the morning sun warming him.
As he awoke and looked down at his changed form, he realized that he might not have to worry about his virgin status for very long.  At least he hoped.

You've wore heels before, haven't you ?

Ron at down on the steps and looked at his girl friend, " Janet, I can't walk any more, my feet are killing me."
She replied, "Well what do you expect?  You asked me to make you up to look like a sexy girl and then you wanted to go to the mall. You know how big the mall is. We've almost  gone through the entire mall, all four floors and finally your feet are hurting.  I think you've walked in heels before. Haven't you?"

Had to post this, as this is how I feel.

Just wish I looked like this.

I wish I was born a girl, then this wouldn't take as long.

Ron struggled to put on the bustier. His girl friend had just cast a spell on him and told him what to wear.  She asked him if he needed any help, but he was so happy about being a girl that he said no.
Little did he know that wearing something over his new breasts would take a little longer to learn to put on than 10 minutes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hope the effect stays.

Ron tried on the magic Hot thong. The add said it would change how your butt looked.  He found out it changed more than that. He just wished that the effect would be permanent and not go away when he took them off.

This is my wish..

Where is he ?

Where is she going?

Ron watched as his girl friend drove by again, waving. She told him he had to walk the five blocks in the busiest part of town, before she would pick him up.  He was supposed to meet her, but she just drove by and waved to go down to the next corner.

How's yours ?

"See look. It's not there any more. 
This is going to be so great. 
I can't wait to try this one out . How about you?
 You going to try yours out too?"

Aren't we all looking for that guy.

I didn't think it would do that.

Ron had heard that sometimes smoking weed would make men develop breasts.  But even when that happened  he thought it would still be okay.  Other wise they wouldn't make it legal. Right ?


Ron said he would go along with his girl friends transformation. She said she would change him and her look. "What could you do with just make up and a wig", He thought.  Now that he looked in the mirror, he was unsure which of the girls was him.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Did I forget ?

Ron's girl friend told him to get dressed up and she would meet him downtown. He put on every thing that she told him to. She was very strict about that.  As he sat waiting for her he couldn't help thinking did she purposely not tell him to wear a skirt, so she could humiliate him, which he knew she would do.  Or did he just forget.. If he did, what kind of trouble would he be in?

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Ron loved to listen to hypnotic feminization recordings.  When he was dressed he was more susceptible to going into trance and sometimes even if he just heard to words on the radio he would collapse into a trance. 

But it never stopped him from listening.

Aren't Nipples Fun

Ron had always loved playing with his nipples.
Now that he was a girl, it was even more fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

What is he doing here?

Ron was trying a dating service. He was suppose to meet his date tonight. His dates profile was
what he thought was his ideal man.. They had a lot of the same interests, liked to do the same things.
Ron tried to hide his face as he saw his best friend walk into the door. It started to make sense to him
though,  maybe it was his best friend, Steve. Maybe he was the one. His friend started to walk towards him, "Rhonda, is that you?"

Hot tubs make you feel so good.

All Ron's friends said," Get into the hot tub,  It will make you feel great.
You'll feel like a different person."
They were so right.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reaffirmations --- yes I want to be a gurl.

Re blog if you ?







Be the Girl..