Monday, July 20, 2015

I think I like it, any one else go both ways?

Some things seem so obvious, don't they?

So to answer that " Hell Yeah."

No way in hell.

Steve looked at the man who was telling him to get back in the time transporter. He was saying that it made an error and that somehow it changed him into a girl as he traveled forward in time. If he got in quickly and went back to his original time period then there was the chance that he could be a man again. It didn't take Steve long to decide, "no way in hell."

I thnk I used this photo before.

I think that this is such a pretty set.
Wish I had it, and wish I could look as pretty as her when I wore it.

An opportunity for him or her ?

Steve was happy when his girl friend said that she would help him with his transformation.  She said she thought it that is would be a great challenge and she was just curious about how she would deal with it. She explained that she had been a little curious about some thoughts that went through her head occasionally, and was wondering how she would deal with them if given the opportunity.  Well now he was seeing now how she was dealing with things, now that she had the opportunity.

So do you practice like her ?

Doing (and looking like) this is one of my fantasies.

How about you ?

Actually it was.

But it has been a struggle seemingly every day.  I would so much like to wear them full time, and be a girl full time, but I'm not the least passable. I wear them when and where I can.. So I am left to I let my inner girl torture me.

It is the look I'm going for

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Forth of July every one..

Hope you have a great 4th.

Panties. Aren't they great.

At least I feel more like a girl with them on.
We wear them so that we do look like a girl.
I think if I looked like this when I wore them I would be very happy.
Very very happy.

How far would you go to look like her ?

I know I'd lose both my nuts anyway, so yeah I'd go that far.

I would love to, how about you ?

Not being too fussy, I think that this would be the perfect size for me.
But I'm sure later on I would wish that they were bigger