Friday, March 28, 2014

Make a choice Rhonda.

And Morpheus said, "Take a pill. You have to chose either the red one or the blue one."
Which one do you chose Rhonda ?"
"How about I try that little pink one over there. What will it do to me ?"
" Well I can see the changes already Rhonda."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcome !!

Welcome to my blog.
I'm obviously very new here to this community and would appreciate any advise.
Am starting out slow and will tell some stories and post some things that I like.
My ramblings will be some what disjointed. and you could say a little scatter brained,
(bimbo could be used to describe it too, I guess)

I'm slow and it will probably be long times between posts.
Here I will unload.  Tell about things that I haven't told anyone.
Some juicy. Some probably boring.

Well again welcome, I hope you enjoy things. ( again nothing yet is here, but will be)