Friday, March 24, 2017


Hi all
I had written a long story and just finished proof reading it and hit the publish button, but now it has disappeared. and I don't even have the draft. What can I do to find it or restore it or whatever.
It took months to write it and now it's gone.

This would be so exciting.

A few years ago I went out in my back yard in something like this and a dress.  But it was at night. I was so excited
I know I will never look like this.  But, I would dress like this every day and go sit out in the back yard if I looked like her

I know I used this from someone elses blog.
I would give you credit but I forgot who I borrowed it from.

I think I would.

What's the sense of looking this good if you don't.
I know I would.

But don't show my face yet.

Steve has had some changes in his life,
but was still embarrassed that friends would still recognize him

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are You Sissy Enough ?

And can you unhook it with just one had.

Is this Sissy enough for you ?

This is dedicated to all of my hero Bloggers, Leeanne , Kaaren, Caitlyn, Sara,  Dee, Ann Michelle, Hugo Black, Kyra, Diane, The Feminization Station, and the Sissy School.
 I enjoy their blogs immensely.

Bikinis !!!

I was surfing looking at girls in bikinis. I came across this one that was in a group of photos.
Admittingly the girls tush looks great. and I think the bulge in her friend's bikini looks great too.
Too bad it's not from the S.I swimsuit issue.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Yes I am proud of them.

Steve finally got the implants that he had saved for. He had seen a plastic surgeon who some of his friends said was an artist. He would pose for anyone now. He was very proud of the body he had, especially his new assets.


Finally !!

Steve had been listening to feminizing hypnotic tapes downloads or what he felt had been close to forever.  He had been listening to one that he liked every night as he went to sleep for a month.  As he put on his favorite bikini to go out to his pool he noticed and thought,"I am finally starting to have a little progress."

Now I just have to keep it up to get to my goal.

I can't back down now.

Steve had a exceptional makeover. He looked exactly how he wanted to look. It had cost a lot of money, but it didn't cost him a dime. He did realize as he was getting ready and putting on his lingerie that tonight he was going to have to start paying for it, and like the makeover that would last forever, he would be paying for it forever.