Monday, December 14, 2015

Hypnotic Feminization.

I started experimenting with this topic some time ago. I had this idea that if I was hypnotized and
it was suggested that I started feeling things like a girl, that I would start to feel like a girl. 
Well, I've gone to a few places on the web, and have experimented with this idea and obviously
some places are better than others.
But I have to say I have been to one and I just keep going back to her.
Her name is Mistress Dominica.
I love the sound of her voice. I don't know if it is a post hypnotic suggestion that makes me keep going back, but I can't get enough of her voice. I know she makes a "suggestion" that you can't get enough of her voice, but I love the way she talks to me. Even though I just listen to an MP3.
I have almost started to call myself Jessica, because of her.
I listen to her Jessica 1 and Jessica II often, at least a few times a week. I listen to her over and over again. She brings a smile to my face and mind when she calls my name.   Jesssssica..
Tho, it isn't my name, in my mind, I am Jessica when she calls me.
I feel that because of her, my breasts and nipples have become very sensitive.  Sometimes even when I wear a shirt and it rubs against my nipples, my breast just tingle.  I know these are "programed" into me from her suggestions, but I don't care. it feels so wonderful. My nips are so "fun" now.

So here is a link to her web site.
Displaying MzDbannerF1.jpg

Try it, you may like it, I sure did,  still do.

If I could figure out how to make a banner, I'd do that.

Her banner is at the Bottom.

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