Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hoping for a Stiffer Penalty

The famous Oceanside beach town, that won't be named, was famous for all the spring breakers that were attracted by the beach, the warm weather.  But the City counsel was tired of all the kids that
got arrested for disorderly conduct. The sheriff suggested that they be transformed into girls. He was after all a witch, and had a thing for sissies.
Here you can see all the gurls that were held until they were put up for auction.
You can see Rhonda here(towards the left with his back to us) talking to some boys that she would like to have bid on him. She has learned the ropes, so to speak, as this was her 3rd time getting picked up.  He hoping that there would be a stiffer penalty for her since she was a repeat offender.
And I'm sure she will find something stiffer later.

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