Thursday, August 21, 2014

Now where to go?

Steve left the motel. He felt like he didn't know where to turn.  He had bought a body suit so he could look better when he dressed up.  At first he thought he could afford it but there was a clause that he misunderstood, and now the price was beyond what he could afford.  He knew he was very passable,
and had had sex in the suit. He knew he had to have his partner wear a condom or else the suit would
meld with his body. So he started to turn tricks.  It was enough to be able to make payments on the suit.  He thought he was set.
Last night was different. He had got a call for an all night-er.  He hadn't done that before but the money was unbelievable, so he had to try it. At least just once. In his bag he had the slinky dress that he wore to meet his "client".  His "client" was an older gentleman, in his mid fifties, In fairly good shape They had dinner and then went to his room. Steve was able to get his client off a few times and he got off a couple of times too.  They were having sex this morning with Steve on top, when there was the phone call, and Steve thought it was the guy's wife. He started arguing and then began to sweat and then collapsed. Just as Steve got off. Steve looked at him and realized the guy had died.
Steve started to get dress when he realized that the condom had broken and he had cum draining out of his "pussy".  He  took off.  He knew he was in trouble. If he could get out of the suit he could lay low for a while. But he had already tried and he knew he was stuck. Now where to go?

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