Monday, August 25, 2014

There's an app for that.?

Steve had told his girl friend about his crossdressing tendencies. She was very accepting of this.
He didn't realize how  accepting and encouraging she was until he got laid off from work and was spending a lot more time at home.  She told him that since they were about the same size, he should wear her clothes, but they would not budget for him to get any new clothes( boy clothes), until he got a job.  She told him that he would have to be the wife of the relationship, and had do the house work, and still look good.  He had fantasized about this for some time so he agreed.  He had long hair that he had grown for a number of years, and she had him go to a stylist and have it done in a feminine style. He didn't realize that they were going to do the same to his face. So he had become very passable.
One night she came home with some butt plugs, that she told him he would need to start wearing one to get him ready for the next phase of their relationship. He looked at the but plugs and wondered if he was going to end up wearing all of them.  She said no.  He knew that she was a electrical engineer. She told him that she was going to take them apart and combine features that she liked in each one.
He didn't realized how good of an engineer she was till she was done. 
The day before she left for a weekend conference, she had Steve give himself an enema.  She put in the final modification. ( One of the things she liked was the inflatable butt plugs) .  He felt an odd pleasurable sensation as it was filling him up. She had it in all the way and then she started to inflate it and this made the sensation seem to intensify.  He thought he was going to cum. 
"There you go. How does that feel I like this one?  Once you pump it up it can't come out unless the air is let out."
Almost breathless he said, "Okay.  It sure feels different."
"Oh just wait. You haven't felt all the features."
"Yeah . How does this feel?" she pushed a button on our TV remote. I could feel the plug start to vibrate.
"Oh God."
"Oh you like that?" In a few seconds  the vibration stopped. I felt like I was on the verge of cuming, and if it was to go on for a longer time I'm sure I would have.
"So did you cum?"
"Good. I don't want it to make you cum. Just to take you to the edge and then stop." she pushed some other buttons, and said. " When ever you push any button on our TV remote it will trigger the vibration. There is a lock out so it will only vibrate for 15 seconds and then stop.  But if you push 3-5 buttons, or any number of buttons it will only vibrate for 15 seconds every 2 minutes.  or the most 30 times in an hour.  There are other triggers.  So you can't just turn off the TV and not get the vibrations.  I  borrowed the retired neighbors TV remote when they asked us to house sit their cat and made modifications to it, so if they change channels on their TV, it will start the vibrations.
Oh and your phone too. If any one calls on your phone, that will add to the amount of time you get the vibrations If you call someone that will add too."
"I can take this out right?"
"Oh, no not with out deflating it. But you can't do that unless I de-program it."
"Yes sweetie. I made an app for that. It's on my phone so all I have to do it touch this button, which she did and I felt the vibrations start. Now you'll get to learn what girls feel and how I've felt when you never were able to get me to have an organism."
"Yes  Oh. I have to check before I go. I just want to make sure that I have the key to your cage.  No orgasms this weekend huh?"
"Have fun."  as she pushed the button on her phone remote again, gave me a good bye kiss and she was out the door.

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