Monday, July 21, 2014

He really did want to go out clubbing.

Ron's sister was going to school for make up and photography.
She had a project that she was due in a week and her friend that was going to do it had canceled.
She asked Ron if he would sit in, as Rachel and him looked very much alike.
Sue, his sister, had him come over and he put in hair extensions. Plucked his eye lashes and, put on breast forms and make up.  Ron had to admit that he looked pretty very much like Rachel.
When He got to the studio, he found that they had a bar for drinks so models could feel a little bit more at ease. He had a couple of drinks, and his anxiety about the situation seemed to ease. 
At first it was just a couple of head shots and Ron thought this is no big deal.
Sue asked him how he was doing and he told her fine.

"Are you ready for the next set?"
"Sure, bring it on Sis."
Little did he know that there was going to be some other models here and that they would all have to pose together. Each model had a different photographer and each model would be the main subject for shots with her photographer. What got Ron nervous was that it was a bikini shoot.  Oh well.
He changed and had another drink. He was feeling pretty good now. His sister turned up the music and Ron  started to have some fun.

This went on for a bit. He had almost fallen while wearing the heels.
Ron breathed a sigh of relief, "we almost done?"
"Yeah, just a couple of other shots first. We have to wait for every one else to leave."
"For them to leave?"
"Yeah it's a nude."
" Oh Shit"
"Oh you'll do fine."
"Okay, everyone is gone, go strip."
"Uhmm, okay."
Ron came out just wearing his watch. He was very embarrassed being naked in front of his sister.
Sue looked at him and said "you should have been a girl. "
""So after this you want to go out get a bite and hit a club?"
"Do you think?"
"Oh heck yes, no one will know."
'Well, okay."
"So go sit over there and we'll take our last set of shots."
He sat down nervously. The tape that was holding his little cock was coming lose and he
was so excited that he thought he may cum now and ruin everything.
He really did want to go out clubbing.

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