Monday, July 7, 2014

The conditioning should start to work.

Ron was plagued with anxiety. He thought that when he went to college that things would get better.
But to no avail.  As college went on, he tried to help himself relax by using alcohol, which led to more problems.  When his grades started to drop, one of his professors told him hat he should get help at the student counseling center. He went and met a very helpful woman, that started to teach him how to relax.  During his time there he discovered that he really didn't know who he was and what direction he wanted to turn to in life. She told him that with time he might be able to find those answers. 
She started him on some meditation exercises. Here he would just sit and learn to relax. She taught him to go to his happy place. There he found he could truly start to relax. He could  close his eyes and hear the waves rolling up to on the shore. He could feel the gentle breeze.  She told him that while he as in his happy place, that he should start to try to look for himself. That he should imagine that he could see him self on the beach. He at first started to see just a grey blob which he felt as formless. As time went on and he stayed relaxed he was able to start to see that the form was female.
He asked his counselor how he would become to learn to be the person that he saw. She told him just relax and see if he could see and feel things that the person he was seeing was feeling.
Initially he thought this was bogus.  But he had felt that things had moved in the right direction so far that he should try it.  He projected him self into the image he saw and started to feel the waves hitting him. He could feel the breeze.  Soon he began to feel the of the tickle of his hair on his shoulders, then the fluttering of the fabric of his bikini top, the warm sensual feeling of the sun on his skin.
Then he knew real peace and it brought a smile to his face. He knew he had found his true self.
When he met with his counselor, he told her that he felt he was finally at peace with himself and could move on. She asked him what he was going to do to get to be his ideal self, somewhat  knowing who he was to become, and yet happy for him that he had made such a great discovery this early.  He told her that he would start by first growing his hair longer. She smiled at him, knowing that the conditioning was going to start working.

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