Thursday, July 10, 2014

It seems like just a little kiss at first.

 It started pretty simple at first, just a pair of panties. Then you had to know what a bra feels like. Then the stockings, which were to die for.  Soon you found a dress and a skirt and top at the thrift store. You thought you looked good, but you had to have that wig and now you look great. Well now you're getting pretty passable so when the make up came you practiced for a while and then really started to think differently.  You went on line and you met a nice guy. He said he'd buy you a drink, if you wanted to meet in an out of the way bar. He was just passing through he said. You met him at the bar. He flattered you till you were blushing. He bought you a few more drinks. He put his arm around you. You put your hand on his thigh. You were laughing together.
He invited you to his room. Well just for another drink you said. He had his arm around you and you had a hard time walking. In his room he kissed you. You swooned. You both got hot and bothered. He understood that you didn't want to get undressed completely.  He did get undressed.
You took a hold of him. Your blood was boiling. You are closer than you have ever been to anther man's cock. He holds it for you and says just give it a little kiss.  You do, but you know a little kiss is just the start of something that you feel will soon consume you.

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